So has Elon Musk found a stupid one? A few months ago, the new Twitter owner said he would relinquish the chairmanship of the online platform as soon as he had someone stupid enough to take on the job. In the meantime, it seemed that he did not really want to give up the office, but now he announced that he had hired a woman to succeed him. In keeping with his penchant for great dramaturgy, he has not yet revealed the name of the alleged new Twitter boss.

The post at the top of Twitter actually looks like an ascension commando, and this is due in no small part to Musk himself. The new owner has regularly alienated its staff, its users and also its advertisers in recent months. The workforce is decimated and unsettled after a radical downsizing, users are confronted with constantly changing rules, advertisers have said goodbye because they fear that Musk is too lax with content moderation.

After years of lethargy, Twitter could certainly use some shock therapy. But Musk has gone far overboard and caused permanent chaos.

The big question now is whether the new CEO can finally bring some peace – and whether she has the necessary freedom for her work. Musk has made it clear that he wants to remain closely involved, as head of the board of directors and chief technology officer. Taking a step back is not in his nature, but it would be in his interest. What Twitter could desperately need right now is a little less Musk.