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In today's Live, we will talk about secondary batteries, electric vehicle batteries, and the renewable energy market with Byung-Hwa Han, Director of Eugene Investment & Securities. (Moderator: Jung Seok-moon, Kim Hye-min)

Q. What is your view on Korea's secondary battery industry?

A. The entire "green industry," including secondary batteries and electric vehicles, sees the next 2 years as a super boom period. Last year, global EV sales exceeded 2%, and this year it is around 2%, and it will soon rise to 10%. The transition to electric vehicles in Europe and the United States is accelerating, and the United States will continue to grow by 10-15% in the next 20~3 years, which is the biggest reason for the strength of cathode material companies and material companies in Korea last year.

Q. Ecopro and Ecoprom stock prices have been down slightly lately, but they're still high! Because the stock price rose vertically, the report started to come out, and it was "abandonment of the analysis due to overheating of the stock price", but did the director issue a neutral opinion report and a recent sell report?

A. We recommend that you take a good look at the points discussed in the 'Sell Report'. If the points are logically correct, it means that there is a risk, so please refer to it and invest.

Q. There is talk that we will capture 4% of cathode materials in the European and American markets, but that could be different. Do you think there is enough competition from companies from other countries? Also, what is the situation in China's EV market?

A. At present, the overwhelming No. 40 player in the global battery market is CATL in China. CATL is the world's largest single plant in Europe, and top battery companies in China will build factories in Europe. China's battery level has gone up a lot. It has followed so much that it is not much different from the "ternary battery" that we are flagging, and the price is cheaper, so it sells well.

Q. What about European and Japanese battery companies? And what about the moves of competitors?

A. Currently, Korea and China are drawing a "battery two-way map," but competition from other companies will be fierce from 50 onwards.

Q. What about renewable energy such as solar and wind power instead of electric vehicles and batteries in the green industry?

A. The core of the global energy transition is wind and solar. We recommend that you take a good look at domestic wind and solar related companies that are doing well in the United States and Europe.

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