The increase in electricity bills will be decided soon. Some people are already worried about their bills because they know it's going to be very hot this summer, but checking the products at home right now can help you save money on your electricity bill.

Reporter Jeong Yeon will tell you the details.

It is an air conditioning production plant in Changwon,

Employees insert the air conditioner's vents and assemble the rest of the components into the body.

The plant has been operating all production lines since last month, in order to stock up on supplies ahead of time due to the forecast of a heat wave this summer.

[Lee Jong-joo/LG Electronics Air Solution Manufacturing Team 1 Manager: The plant is fully operational in preparation for the peak season before summer. This year's production is expected to be similar to last year.]

The electronics store's air conditioner sales have increased by 2% in the last two weeks, while fans are up 20% and circulators are up 80%.

With electricity bills burdened, consumers are more energy-efficient than ever.

[Lee Seung-sub/Lotte Hi-Mart branch manager: There are many customer inquiries about energy consumption efficiency ratings. Circulators with better efficiency when used with air conditioners have been sold a lot recently.]

If you also check the existing electronics in your home beforehand, you can save money on your electricity bill.

Professional services that clean air conditioners' filters and heat exchangers are already receiving applications for at least a month.

[Kim Sung-bok/Director of Efficiency Technology Office, Korea Energy Agency: If you increase the set temperature of the air conditioner by 170 degree in a normal home and clean the filter of the air conditioner periodically for efficient blowing, you can reduce power usage by about 1~5%.]

Most home air conditioners are 'inverter type' and go down to the desired temperature, which consumes a lot of electricity.

Keeping the air conditioner weak after reaching the desired temperature will help save on electricity bills because you don't use excess power for additional rapid cooling.

(Video Interview: Kim Se-kyung, Video Editing: Choi Hye-ran, CG: Eom So-min)