Real estate developer receives offer to buy his entire project hours before launch

National Properties, the real estate development arm of National Bonds owned by Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), revealed that it has received an offer to purchase the entire project it launched today, but the offer was rejected because it is not in line with the company's policies in offering its projects that focus on the retail sector to benefit the largest number of retail investors.

The company revealed the sale of entire floors of its new real estate project, 399 Hills Park, located in the heart of Dubai Hills Estate, in an indication of the continuation of the unprecedented momentum witnessed by the real estate sector in Dubai.

The project, which was launched today, comprises 399 one- and two-bedroom residential units along with shops. Located in the middle of Dubai Hills Estate, 399 Hills Park is a downtown city with its unique architectural style on an area of more than 11 million square meters and includes a large number of gardens, parks and open spaces, making it an ideal residential community to receive families and those wishing to live in a quiet and upscale environment.

For his part, the CEO of National Bonds, Mohammed Qassim Al Ali, said in statements to Emirates Today that National Real Estate continues to offer quality real estate projects for sale in freehold areas that serve the vision of the Emirate of Dubai, especially after the company's achievements and innovative projects, which included projects in the low-income sectors, villas and commercial sectors.
He added that «National Real Estate» received an offer to buy the «399 Hills Park» project, which was launched today, but the offer was rejected because it is not in line with the company's policies in launching projects that target retail in order to benefit the largest number of individual investors.

He pointed out that the company continues to achieve rewarding and safe returns for its customers and its real estate arm (National Real Estate Company) while maintaining the realization of its real estate vision through a balanced portfolio of income-generating properties that have been carefully selected and managed with high professionalism to achieve sustainable growing returns.
He added that this project will have an important impact on luxury real estate in the Emirate of Dubai, which has witnessed exceptional demand during the past two years, as the «399 Hills Park» project offers a new level in terms of spacious spaces, which is one of the highest in this category, in terms of quality, design and lifestyle, at competitive prices and an exceptional and easy payment plan.

The 399 Hills Park project offers a flexible payment plan with easy installments to facilitate affordability for buyers and investors and to achieve rewarding returns in light of competitive prices for the project, and this plan includes 10% down payment, 30% during the completion period and 60% upon handover.
4000,4000 properties Al-Ali
pointed out that the portfolio of «National Real Estate» includes approximately <>,<> properties, including part for leasing (income generation) and part has been or will be sold, adding that part of the company's policy is to focus on quality more than quantity, and therefore the company offers an exclusive number of units and projects based on studies and research of current and future supply and demand trends.
Asked about the company's land portfolio, Mohammed Qassim Al-Ali said that National Properties continuously owns and acquires lands in strategic locations to be developed to serve National Bonds customers and achieve safe current returns and safe and sustainable capital that help them achieve stability and financial independence.

The CEO of National Bonds said that it is expected that the exceptional real estate market in the emirate will continue as it is or that the sector will witness a significant increase in demand and prices during the current year and thus additional gains for investors, stressing that this unprecedented performance of Dubai real estate confirms the continued attractiveness of the emirate to foreign investors, amid strong signs of completing the process of sustainable growth.

Scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2025, the project will offer spacious units with luxurious specifications and various spaces, including one-bedroom apartments with an area of 915 sq. ft. (1255,1411 sq. ft.), two bedrooms (2075,2007 sq. ft. (2459,<> sq.ft.) and three bedrooms with a capacity of <>,<> sq. ft. (<>,<> sq. ft).