Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg competed in a jiu-jitsu competition for the first time at the weekend and brought home two medals. He won silver and gold in the competition at a school near his Meta headquarters in California's Silicon Valley, Zuckerberg announced on Facebook and Instagram. "I competed in my first jiu-jitsu tournament and won a few medals for the guerrilla jiu-jitsu team," Zuckerberg explained.

The Meta boss has been a passionate amateur martial artist for a few years now. He does Jiu Jitsu, although he also speaks of mixed martial arts or MMA, which can include elements of different martial arts. "It's the best sport," he said in a recent podcast. There was something "original" about it, and he was so fascinated from his first training session that he wondered why he hadn't been doing it all his life. After an hour of martial arts, he feels ready to tackle any problem in his work.

Zuckerberg has said he likes martial arts because they are both physically and intellectually demanding and require full attention. "If you don't pay attention for just a second, you'll be on the ground." In addition, the 38-year-old Meta boss says that his hobby benefits him in his company and gives him lessons about "flow" and "momentum". For him, one of the most difficult things is to recognize when he should pursue something with all his strength and when not. That's why it's helpful to develop intuition when the momentum turns.