▲ Kim Dong-sun, Director of Strategy Division, who participated in a practice at a store of Five Guys in Hong Kong

Before the launch of the famous American hamburger brand Five Guys in Korea, Kim Dong-sun, head of the strategy department at Hanwha Galleria, experienced hamburger cooking first-hand and strengthened his determination to introduce the highest-quality service to Korea.

According to Hanwha Galleria today (9th), General Manager Kim participated in a field training held at two major Five Guys stores in Hong Kong from 24 to 25 March.

During the practicum period, General Manager Kim wore a red uniform and apron, and experienced the entire service process, from preparing the ingredients to baking the patties and raising the toppings.

In particular, it is known that he showed great interest in the quality of the patty, which is the main ingredient, and the cooking process.

Five Guys is known for making their own patties every day with fresh ingredients, rather than having freezers, timers, microwaves, etc. in the kitchen.

General Manager Kim watched the recipe repeated over and over again to achieve the same high level of flavor and checked the quality, and also ordered "Jeongseong" from the Korean Five Guys.

He said, "I was very impressed with the quality control through repeated training," and emphasized, "We will pay special attention to maintaining quality so that the sincerity of the level of craftsmanship can be felt in domestic stores."

This is the first time that General Manager Kim has been directly involved in field service work.

The third son of Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seung-yeon, he spearheaded the domestic launch of Five Guys.

Hanwha Galleria said, "As the person in charge of leading the overall introduction of the brand, it reflects our will to provide the best service to Korean customers after the launch by experiencing the service site."

Hanwha Galleria will open Five Guys Korea's first Gangnam store next month on Gangnam Boulevard between Seoul's Gangnam Station and Sinnonhyeon Station.

The Gangnam store has two floors, 2㎡ (3 pyeong), with more than 1 seats.

Since launching its franchise business in the early 2s, Five Guys has expanded its global stores to Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, and Korea is the fifth in Asia after Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Malaysia.

(Photo = Courtesy of Hanwha Galleria, Yonhap News)