There must be many people who suddenly had problems with KakaoTalk during the day today (8th). I couldn't send messages for almost 20 minutes and couldn't log in at all, but this is already the second time this year that KakaoTalk has encountered such an error.

Reporter Kim so-young reports.

When <reporter>
tries to log in to KakaoTalk on a
PC, a message appears, "Please try again later."

I get an error code that says there is a problem with the internal server.

Some users did not receive or did not receive KakaoTalk messages.

The service outage lasted 2 minutes, from 1:35 p.m. to 54 p.m.

[Chung Sihyun/Victim Customer: I thought it was a Wi-Fi problem and rebooted, but I can't use PC KakaoTalk. I do most of my business communication through KakaoTalk, but I was very embarrassed because the work I was doing was cut off.]

Kakao is currently investigating the cause of the failure as an internal system configuration error.

Kakao apologizes for the inconvenience caused to customers and will identify specific causes to prevent recurrence.

If you forget, KakaoTalk's connection failure will recur.

In January, customers were inconvenienced by errors in receiving and sending messages for about 19 minutes.

In October last year, a data center fire shut down service for five days.

[Shin Cheol-won/Head of Policy Team, Citizens' Association for Consumer Sovereignty: We need to build a system that can compensate consumers more internally. Isn't it time to introduce a class action lawsuit or some kind of damages system...]

Although it is a private company, KakaoTalk has enormous influence that is practically the same as the national telecommunications network.

In December last year, the company released a "Commitment Report" containing measures to prevent the recurrence of the disorder, but consumer dissatisfaction with repeated accidents is growing.

(Video Editor: Choi Hye-ran, CG: Hong Seong-yong, VJ: Oh Se-kwan)