While some choose to trust an organization specializing in human services to find them the home help they want, others prefer to recruit directly, without any intermediary. Thus, the France had 3.3 million individual employers and 1.3 million employees in 2020 according to the National Federation Fepem.

Nevertheless, hiring a person who will enter your home and your privacy is not necessarily obvious. Here's how.

The job interview, the crucial step

It is essential to start by listing your needs. Define the time the person will have to devote to you, their tasks to accomplish, the cost you can bear, etc.

To find the rare pearl, you can then place classified ads in a newspaper, do your own research on the Internet, use a third-party organization that can manage the selection of candidates or simply present you with profiles or use good old word-of-mouth.

Once you have carefully reviewed the CVs received, call the applicants and offer them a job interview at your home. It is always preferable to talk to someone face-to-face, especially for a first exchange.

You can then also have each candidate fill out a questionnaire that you have put together beforehand, so that he or she can answer targeted questions. What tasks is he willing to accept? How can it help you? How does he describe his know-how? Can he respect the rules imposed? Does he have experience in this field?

In summary: the future employee must be able to meet your needs.

If it is possible to establish rules with the worker to ensure complete respect for your privacy, it is essential to have a good feeling from the first meeting. Indeed, a relationship of trust must be established as soon as a person intends to let a person enter his home.

The essential formalities

After this key step, take the time to think and choose with a rested head, then call back the lucky winner and write a promise of employment, written proof of your commitment.

As an individual employer, you will then need to obtain registration with Urssaf. In parallel, you will also be asked to draw up the employment contract of your future home helper, which will mention certain essential and mandatory information and will be signed by both parties.

Remember that this signature must be made before your employee starts working. In principle, this type of recruitment is done by means of a permanent contract (CDI). That said, the use of a fixed-term contract may also be possible, especially in the event of the replacement of an absent employee. In any case, it is possible to include a trial period in the contract.


To simplify your procedures and the management of your new employee, it is strongly recommended to join the Cesu declarative on Cesu.urssaf.fr.

The organization will thus be responsible for calculating the cost of your employee, indicating the amount of your social contributions, editing pay slips and, from now on, allowing you to benefit from tax benefits in real time.

Good addresses

To have access to questionnaire templates, employment contracts or other information concerning the hiring of a home help, we advise you to take a look at Service-public.fr and Cesu.urssaf.fr.The formalities of individual employer will soon have no secrets for you!

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