A new achievement that reflects the country's advanced position in technology and innovation

UAE advances globally in "Leading Technology Readiness" ranking

The UAE continues to consolidate its global position with the certification of international institutions. Archival

The UAE continues to consolidate its global position with the certificate of international institutions, which indicates the development of all sectors in the country, including industry and advanced technology, as these certificates, classifications and figures are an international reference that enhances the country's position, especially as it comes on the basis of detailed studies of the reality of countries, their achievements, plans, and their ability to enhance their competitiveness amid economic transformations.

In a new achievement, the UAE assumed a distinguished position in the Technology and Innovation Report 2023 issued by the United Nations, which came under the title "Opening Green Windows: Technological Opportunities for a Low-Carbon World", where the UAE ranked high globally in the report, and its ranking jumped from 42nd in 2021 to 37th place in 2023, in terms of the "Frontier Technology Readiness Index", which is an index that classifies countries into one of four groups according to Readiness level: high rating, medium rating, higher middle rating, low rating.

The UAE came in the first group of the "High" rating, which represents a national achievement added to the record of achievements in the technology and innovation file.

These rankings confirm the UAE's ability to continue to achieve its goals and turn them into reality, especially that the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology aims to empower the industrial sector in the country, raise its contribution to the GDP, enhance its contribution to stimulating the national economy, develop technology, and foresee the future.