Encouraging, but not exhilarating: this is the picture in the American technology industry, now that all its most important representatives have presented business figures.

Many companies, including those that have announced major staff reductions in recent months, are on the road to recovery, even if there are still weaknesses and they are still far from previous growth rates.

The electronics company Apple has recently stood out from other tech giants, if only because it has not announced any major layoffs. But in many ways, he also fits into the picture.

His business has weakened considerably, his sales have now shrunk for two quarters in a row, and he admits to suffering from the difficult economic environment. What helps him this time is a stronger-than-expected revival in his iPhone sales, and that's what matters most, because this is by far his most important product to date.

Nevertheless, he remains cautious in his outlook and warns of a further decline in sales. Apple remains the envy of the industry, but it is not isolated from its worries either.