Times for motorists seem to be getting better again, just in time for the meteorological beginning of spring. The price of diesel fuel has currently fallen to a new low for the year. For a liter, motorists currently have to pay a nationwide average of 1.695 euros, 2.6 cents less than in the previous week. This is the result of the current evaluation of fuel prices in Germany by the automobile club ADAC.

Kerstin Papon

Editor in business.

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Accordingly, the price of gasoline has also fallen. A liter costs on average 2.7 cents less than a week ago. The price for a liter of Super of the E10 variety is currently 1.735 euros. From the previous low for the year, which was reached on 12 January with 1.692 euros per liter of Super E10, the gasoline fuel is still 4.3 cents away, according to ADAC. Diesel was even cheaper in February 2022, before energy prices rose sharply due to the Ukraine war. For gasoline, the current level is roughly the same as it was then.

According to the ADAC experts, the reason for the price decline at the petrol pumps is the easing of tensions on the crude oil market. The turbulence in the banking sector and economic worries have recently weighed on sentiment here. Oil prices also fell on Wednesday. A barrel (about 159 liters) of the Brent oil type cost around 74.5 dollars at times one percent less than the previous day. Later, the price was still slightly negative at around 75 dollars.

Despite the pleasing development from the driver's point of view, the price level at the gas stations is still too high, according to the ADAC. At an average of 4 cents, the difference between the two types of fuel is still far too small.

The prices differ not only from gas station to gas station, there are also known to be big differences in the course of the day: Motorists should refuel according to the recommendation of the ADAC best in the evening. Own evaluations showed that fuel prices were low on average, especially between 18 p.m. and 22 p.m. In the morning, on the other hand, you should avoid the gas stations if you do not want to pay an average of 15 cents per liter more for the fuel. In individual cases, it is even more.

Of course, exceptions prove the rule, so a comparison is always worthwhile if possible. Because it is certainly not a bad idea not to drive the tank so empty that you have to fill it right at the next best gas station.