Its officials expressed optimism. They called the Ramadan "the highly anticipated season of car buying"

Car agencies offer Ramadan offers on «new» and «used»

  • Offers that included a discount of up to AED 15,<> on the price of the car and interest-free financing. Archival


Car dealerships have launched competitive offers for the upcoming month of Ramadan, including new and used car models.

Officials in these agencies expressed to Emirates Today their optimism about achieving growth in sales during the month of Ramadan, which they described as the "anticipated season" for the recovery of car purchases in the UAE and the region.

Hyundai and Genesis

In detail, the president of Hyundai and Genesis in the UAE, Juma Al Majid Foundation, Sulaiman Al-Zaben, said that "Hyundai's commercial offers, during the month of Ramadan, are on some models, and include a deferred payment plan of 120 days in cooperation with a bank, the manufacturer's warranty for a period of five years or 150,<> kilometers, and roadside assistance service for five years."

"Genesis' offers are a 2.25 percent interest rate for installment purchases, up to 120 days of deferred repayment, a lifetime warranty, a five-year or 100,<>-kilometer service contract, and a two-year service package that includes travel medical care," he said.

Al-Zaben stressed that the month of Ramadan is the peak season for car sales, and therefore, many car agencies invest this period, to provide attractive offers to increase sales and strengthen the relationship with customers, expressing his optimism about the increase in sales during the fasting month.

Nissan and Infiniti

For his part, said sales manager at the company «Arabian Automobiles», Hussam Baghdadi, «offers month of Ramadan on some models (Nissan) Japanese, include a low interest rate on financing of 0.99% per annum, and unlimited warranty distance for five years, with service packages of up to three years or 50 thousand kilometers, and five years of warranty (Nissan) unlimited distance».

"The group has also introduced offers on some Infiniti models, including full exemption from financing interest, an unlimited five-year warranty and three years of free service," he said.

Baghdadi pointed out that «sales of new cars in the UAE have recovered significantly in the past two years, despite the increase in the cost of purchase, and long waiting times for the arrival of cars booked by customers, expecting a growth of 10% in sales this year».

He added that «the month of Ramadan is considered the anticipated season for the recovery of car purchases in the UAE and the region, which pushes car dealerships to design special offers».

A spokesperson for Al Masaood Automobiles said it has introduced more competitive aftersales offerings, including select models of Nissan, Infiniti and Renault vehicles, as well as Nissan-approved pre-owned cars.

He added that «offers some of the new models (Renault) include a warranty for five years or 200,15 kilometers, a maximum, unlimited warranty miles, roadside assistance service for five years, as well as a replacement warranty for 40 days», noting that customers of «Nissan», «Infiniti» and «Renault» can get a discount of up to <>% on service offers within the Ramadan offers campaign.

He stated that the Ramadan offers on used and approved Nissan cars provide an amount of up to 15,24 dirhams, pointing out that the offers, which continue until April 15, include some after-sales services, such as a one-year warranty, a replacement warranty of up to <> days, with shading, registration, and a free Salik card.

Volkswagen Offers

Samer Al-Duwaier, sales director at Volkswagen Middle East, said that the company has offered offers on five models for 2023: Terrament, Touraq, Tiguan, Titro, and Golf.

He explained that «the offers include selling at a reduced price and at different rates, with giving the consumer an extended warranty for five years, extended insurance for five years, and free road service for the same period, with registration and insurance for the first year».

"Sales growth is expected during Ramadan, which is the most important season for buying cars in the UAE," he said.

Cadillac Offers

Christian Aquilina, CEO of Cadillac International and Cadillac Middle East operations, told Emirates Today: "Cadillac, in cooperation with Al Ghandi Automobile, has launched competitive offers that include a down payment of 20%, and benefit from registration and free glass tinting service, in addition to a sponsorship program from Cadillac that provides a five-year warranty with maintenance and roadside assistance."

He stressed that the offers, which are valid during the month of Ramadan until the last day of Eid al-Fitr, support the purchase of the range of sedans and SUVs.

«Toyota» and «Lexus»

A spokesman for Al-Futtaim said that "the company has launched offers on several models of the Japanese brand (Toyota), including individual and corporate cars."

He added that «offers cars individuals included financing interest (zero), and a free maintenance contract for four years or 80 thousand kilometers, with a deferral payment of installments, while offers for corporate cars included financing interest of 1.49% and a free maintenance contract for four years or 80 thousand kilometers».

He pointed out that the offers also include some used Toyota models, and include a two-year maintenance contract, a two-year minimum warranty, two months postponement of installments, a discount of up to 2000,<> dirhams on the value of the vehicle, with a free maintenance and shading contract.

The spokesman revealed that the company also offered offers on six models of the new «Lexus» 2023, including a premium starting from 1700 dirhams per month, with a four-year or 100,60-kilometer warranty, a three-year service contract or <>,<> kilometers, and financing with (zero) interest.

"The company has also offered offers on used Lexus models, such as a 30,<>-kilometer service contract, a two-year warranty, a minimum of two years, a two-month payment deferment, and other benefits," he said.