While the government is working on a plan to revamp the 52-hour workweek and expand selective overtime, it turns out that the number of hours a week desired by employed workers is less than 40 hours.

According to the results of a survey by the Korea Institute of Health and Social Affairs, the desired workweek for employed workers is 36.7 hours.

By job characteristics, commercial workers wanted to work 37.6 hours, while temporary and daily workers wanted to work 32.3 hours.

As the age group progressed, the desired working hours were shorter.

By age, it was 20.34 hours for those in their 9s and younger, 30.36 hours for those in their 3s, 40.37 hours for those in their 1s, and 50.37 hours for those in their 9s.

The average working hours of employed workers were 41 hours.

The average daily break, including meal breaks, was 64 minutes.

It also found that employees receive an average of 17 days of annual leave, but 11.6 days of annual leave are used, and 5 days are not used.

Although the government is pushing for an amendment to increase the maximum number of working hours so that people can take leave instead, they are not able to use 30% of the allowed annual leave.

( Interview : Kim Kwan-jin / Video Editor : Won Hyung-hee / Production : D News Platform Department )