Today is World Recycling Day and the Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, defines Italy as "leader in Europe in the circular economy", adding that "we intend to maintain this primacy. We are working at EU level to defend a winning national model, which other countries would like to question".

The head of the ministry involved in energy transition issues adds: "In almost all packaging fractions, Italy already far exceeds the European targets, a sign of a constant commitment of a system that does not stop investing in sustainability, obtaining flattering results".

Referring to the "National Strategy for the circular economy", a real program of investments, incentives, good practices and long-term initiatives, Minister Pichetto Fratin recalls that "waste prevention and management programs provide us with the overall framework that serves to achieve the objectives".

"In the PNRR field - recalls the minister - we have recently given the green light to 192 projects for circular economy flagship investments, which include both the construction of new plants and the modernization of existing ones. The Mangiaplastica program has been refinanced, which assigns a non-repayable contribution for the purchase of eco-compactors for the separate collection of PET bottles".

World Recycling Day, concludes Pichetto, "also reminds us how important it is to invest in the awareness and correct information of citizens, so that they increasingly consider recycling as a direct contribution to safeguarding the environment and the planet".