According to insiders, the major Swiss bank UBS is demanding extensive state guarantees for the possible emergency takeover of Credit Suisse. It is about a magnitude of around six billion dollars, said a person familiar with the matter on Saturday the news Agency Reuters. Depending on the terms of the transaction, however, higher or lower amounts are also possible.

The guarantees would cover the costs of winding up parts of Credit Suisse and possible other previously unknown risks, two people said. A takeover is intended to eliminate the crisis of confidence surrounding crisis-ridden Credit Suisse.

Swiss regulators are trying to find a solution for Credit Suisse before the market launch on Monday. But the negotiations are tough, according to one of the insiders. A number of points have not yet been resolved. Opinions differed on what should happen to Credit Suisse's investment bank. Another stumbling block is staff reductions. Around 10,000 jobs are at stake, most of which are likely to be attributable to Credit Suisse employees. If everything runs smoothly, an agreement is possible by Sunday evening, it said. A possible alternative to the takeover by UBS is the entry of the Swiss state. Spokesmen for Credit Suisse, UBS and the Swiss Finance Ministry declined to comment.

Deutsche Bank is also interested in acquiring parts of Credit Suisse, one of the people said. However, an agreement with the German money house could take longer. A spokesman for the German institute declined to comment. The agency "Bloomberg" had previously reported on an interest of Deutsche Bank.

A possible deal will be complex, KBW analyst Thomas Hallett wrote in a note to customers on Saturday. This includes protection against litigation. "The situation remains in flux, but there must be clarity by Monday."