OAG: highest since the pandemic began, with 11% growth. The «Airport» continues to lead globally

Dubai International airlines to add 460,<> seats in March

«Emirates Airlines» has witnessed a continuous rise in the number of passenger destinations. Archival

Carriers operating at Dubai International added more than 460,19 scheduled seats on their flights in March, compared to February, the highest since the start of the Covid-<> pandemic, in one month, according to data published by OAG International, a provider of airport and airline data.

The corporation said, in a study, that «Dubai International Airport, which occupies the top airports in the world in the number of international passengers, recorded an 11% growth in the number of scheduled seats on flights during March, compared to last February», noting that «Dubai International», recorded the highest growth rate in the list of the top 10 airports in the number of international passengers around the world.

Data published by OAG International showed that the total number of scheduled seats on international flights through Dubai International Airport reached about 4.65 million scheduled seats during March 2023, thus retaining its first position as the largest international airport in scheduled seat capacity.

According to data received by Emirates Today, Dubai International Airport continued to record strong growth rates, with the number of flights increasing and resuming to more international destinations.

More international carriers continue to resume operations through Dubai Airport, while data from Emirates and flydubai shows a continuous increase in the number of passenger destinations within the two airlines' network, with the resumption of flights to more international destinations on six continents, as well as the addition of new destinations to their global networks since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Preliminary forecasts by Dubai Airports indicated that passenger traffic through Dubai International Airport this year will reach about 78 million passengers, especially in light of Dubai's hosting of many major international events and events, including the Dubai Airshow and the COP28 climate conference.