Increases in egg and poultry prices of up to 13%

The Ministry of Economy recently agreed to increase the prices of egg and poultry products by up to 13%, according to requests from supplier and producer companies.

The ministry clarified, through the approval decision, a copy of which was obtained by Emirates Today, that the decision to increase the price on egg and poultry products will be implemented until another decision is issued to cancel or amend this increase in a way that takes into account developments in the relevant market, and in accordance with consumer protection legislation in the country and the decisions issued in this regard.

The ministry stressed the need for sales outlets not to impose any additional fees on poultry companies in any way.

She added that the increases were approved in accordance with the recommendation of the Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection regarding the approval of increasing the prices of eggs and poultry by no more than 13%, and in accordance with the request submitted by egg and poultry companies to increase prices, and the analytical study of the cost of production for the egg and chicken product carried out by the ministry.

She pointed out that the Department of Competition and Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Economy is concerned with issuing a statement of the price increase for each of the companies that submitted applications according to the documented data and documents, specifying the price, the percentage of the prescribed price increase and the price after the increase for each type of egg and poultry products by requesting an increase in the price.