Valid for booking until March 23rd. Travel until 18 June 2023

flydubai launches offers on airline tickets to 7 Arab cities

The airline's offers are part of a list of 25 global destinations. Archival

Flydubai has launched offers on airline tickets to 25 destinations within its global network, including seven Arab cities, noting that the prices of "spring offers" start from 1187 dirhams in economy class.According to the company's data on its website, obtained by Emirates Today, a copy of it, the new offers constitute an opportunity to travel and discover tourist destinations during the upcoming spring vacation, pointing out that the "basic prices" are subject to availability and change at any time without prior notice, and they are for flights that start from Dubai to selected destinations.

The company explained that the prices are valid for booking until Thursday, March 23, 2023, noting that the validity of travel for those prices extends until Sunday, June 18, 2023.

The airline's fares apply to return flights and one-way flights in economy and business class to selected destinations, pointing out that the prices are available when booking flights through the flydubai website. The airline's offers include 25 international destinations across Africa, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Central and Southeast Europe, the GCC, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent, including one- and two-way flights in Economy and Business Class.


Flights to Alexandria start from AED 1187,2771 in Economy Class and AED 1560,4724 in Business Class, while flights to Amman start from AED <>,<> in Economy Class and AED <>,<> in Business Class.

Fares to Beirut start from AED 1560,4534 in Economy Class and AED 1335,6633 in Business Class, compared to AED 1200,5460 to Khartoum in Economy Class and AED 1310,4280 in Business Class, while fares to NEOM and Najran start from AED <>,<> and AED <>,<> in Business Class, while prices for Salalah are AED <>,<> for Economy Class and AED <>,<> for Business Class.