The rebound in European stock markets has already ended, which began yesterday after the reassuring words of ECB President Lagarde and continued in the first part of this last session of the week. Milan has turned negative since the end of the morning and closes at -1.64%, the worst among the main lists of the old continent. Frankfurt and Paris also lost almost one and a half percentage points. The banking sector remains under the lens - the sector index at Piazza Affari fell by another 2.5%, bringing the overall balance of the week to -15.25%.

Credit Suisse's crisis, which was recovering yesterday but is back in the storm today – losing more than 8% on the Zurich Stock Exchange, continues to weigh on it, with an unusually high trading volume indicating buzz around the company. The American indices are also in the red, especially the Dow Jones, the heaviest since the opening. Here, too, the banking sector weighs and the new slide of First Republic Bank, which loses more than 25 percent despite the rescue orchestrated by a consortium of the main US credit institutions.