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a corporation created to foster the
hydrogen industry. Not only the government and public companies, but also private companies are participating, and there have been internal reports that the bidding project is progressing poorly and the budget is leaking all the time.

Reporter Yoonha Cho contributed to this report.

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Hydrogen Fusion Alliance is a public-private partnership launched in 2017 to develop the hydrogen industry.

There are 137 member companies, designated as agencies dedicated to the promotion of the hydrogen industry by the Ministry of Industry, and about 10% of the budget is supported by the national treasury.

Mr. A, a team leader-level employee here, says that employees called a stationery store a "bank."

[Mr. A/Hydrogen Fusion Alliance employee: The name of the stationery store is yes stationery. But inside, they openly called it 'yes Bank'. It's a shorthand card can. They go to the stationery store and pretend to buy it, without actually receiving the goods.]

This is a handwritten receipt from the stationery store.

After making multiple payments of 180.200 million won and 50 million won, a note called 'Withdrawal' is written on each of which says when and how much was withdrawn.

It is a stationery store located in Guro-gu, quite far from Seocho-dong, where the office is located, and it is alleged that they paid in advance and received money whenever necessary to pay for alcohol and other purposes.

[Conversation between staff: Since you gave me some wine, I'll take mine. Wouldn't it be better to get some support from the yes (stationery) of 9,2021 won and have enough money? (I'll go to work there on the 9th and pick it up.)]

It was alleged that the bidding project was also carried out poorly.

A manpower training project with a budget of <> million won in <>, one institution won the project by bidding alone.

However, there is almost no difference between the business plan and the result report, and there are some trainings where only one trainee participated.

[Mr. A/Hydrogen Fusion Alliance employee: I was just trying to correct (the problem), but I was rather suppressed....]

In response to the SBS report, the Hydrogen Fusion Alliance said, "We investigated the issue raised by Mr. A, but there was no problem, and we are investigating the additional parts that came out."

(Video Interview: Jeon Kyung-bae, Kang Dong-chul, Video Editing: Choi Hye-young)