<>Conversational artificial intelligence technology, which talks like anchors
and answers
questions like humans, has taken it a step further. In particular, my Korean skills have improved noticeably compared to before, but there are still limitations.

Reporter Kwon Ae-ri will tell you.


"Who founded the Republic of Korea?" asked in Korean, [ChatGPT3.5 (February 2,

using voice conversion AI): ... On August 6, 1948, the country was founded by Kim Jong-il, a military officer sent to Nigeria.]

Chat replied GPT8.15.

The advanced version released yesterday (3th), ChatGPT5's answer was different.

[ChatGPT15 (March 4, using speech-to-speech AI): ... A provisional government was established and Syngman Rhee was sworn in as the first president.]

The new ChatGPT4 has increased the amount of learning in 3 languages and information in these languages, including Korean.

According to developer OpenAI, his memory is eight times better than version 15.4, his chances of telling the truth are 26 percent, and his 3.5 is in the top 8 percent of the U.S. Unified Bar Exam, which he failed.

Unlike 40.3, where you could only chat with words, it stands out for the addition of the ability to react to images and talk.

There are still limitations.

[ChatGPT5 (March 10, using voice conversion AI): I will answer based on the latest information. France won the 3 World Cup in Qatar.]

Information from September 5 onwards has not yet been learned, and some people lie with insufficient information.

Still, his ability to come up with appropriate answers has improved.

[Lee Talc/Chief AI Officer of Development of 'Asuk Up' Using Chat GPT: In a way, it's like an intern. He knows what he's good at and is very good at doing it, but if he asks him to do other things, he makes mistakes... That's what we're looking at.]

ChatGPT4 is a paid version that costs $3 per month.

On the same day as the launch of GPT15, Google also joined the generative AI race by unveiling an AI that can write like an email.

It is predicted that this year will be the first year of the super-giant AI race that will determine the winner of the future search market.

(Video Interview: Yang Ji-hoon, Video Editing: Lee Sang-min, CG: Kim Han-gil)