It is linked to the person's account in the digital wallet and cannot be sold or disposed of

Digital Dubai issues the world's first fortified certificate

The first fortified digital certificate awarded to graduates of the first batch of the "Cyber Security Leaders Program". From the source

Digital Dubai has adopted Soulbound Tokens, an advanced stage of non-fungible digital assets (NFTs).

As the first global use case through this technology, Digital Dubai has issued the first version of the fortified digital certificates, the first of its kind in the world in a series of ongoing technological innovations in the Government of Dubai, with the aim of making Dubai a global model for the world's cities in digital transformation and the optimal employment of future technologies.

This new innovation is characterized by the fact that the certificate is eternally linked to the person's account in his digital wallet, and this ownership cannot be transferred to another person, sold, or disposed of, but he can share it with any party if he needs it, and ensure its reliability, which means a strong and self-firewall for this certificate, and therefore it does not need to be certified by any party, because it is reliable, fortified and not subject to forgery.

The Dubai Cyber Security Innovation Park (DIPI), part of the Dubai Electronic Security Centre (DESC) in Digital Dubai, awarded the first fortified digital certificate to graduates of the first batch of the Cyber Security Leaders Program in government and semi-government institutions and entities in the Emirate of Dubai, who completed the "Cyber Security Leaders" program organized by the park. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of Digital Dubai, said: "The issuance of the first fortified digital certificate is a new stage of stand-alone electronic certificates, which enable individuals and institutions to preserve digital assets and protect them from manipulation or fraud." He stressed that Dubai remains a pioneer in launching innovative initiatives that reflect its global leadership in digital transformation, which aim to improve the quality of life and well-being of the Dubai community.