On the first of February, the price of tolls increased by an average of 4.75%. A "repercussion of inflation, which the concession companies also suffer" according to the CEO of Vinci Autoroutes interviewed by Le Parisien on Tuesday. In this interview, Pierre Coppey indicated that toll rates would continue to increase.

A revelation that comes as dealers are under significant pressure since the publication of an article in the Canard Enchaîné, highlighting a profitability of about 12%. This figure is much higher than the estimate made at the time of privatization.

Inflation taken into account

Regarding the increase or increases to come, the CEO of Vinci Autoroutes explains: "In the calculation of compensation of investments is provided for a law of indexation of tariffs that will be applied". Because the price of tolls is revalued each year, although controlled by the State which must validate the tariffs. In particular, inflation is taken into account, up to at least 70%.

On the subject of superprofits of which the main players in the market are accused, the leader of Vinci recalls that very important investments have been made, creating debts. But Pierre Coppey assures him: "We have the best motorway network in the world". He also adds that despite these increases, traffic continues to increase, with "users still satisfied".

Participation of foreign motorists

After the first increase in February, the state had asked the main dealers to make a gesture for motorists, to reduce the impact of this increase on their wallets. "We have made the effort to freeze all short-term fares, those of suburban fares, and to increase the rate of reduction of commuters' subscriptions by 30 to 40%," says the CEO of Vinci.

The latter was keen to recall that it was not only the French who paid the tolls. Because the France would be, according to him, "the most crossed country in the world", enough to make foreigners contribute.

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