When the President ordered a reconsideration of the working hour reform proposed by the
Ministry of Employment and Labor, the minister first met with the unions centered on the younger generation. We are considering adjusting the maximum work limit of 69 hours per week.

I'm a reporter.

Regarding the
review of the revision of working hours, the Office of the President has hinted at the possibility of adjusting the maximum working hours per week of 69 hours.

[Kim Eun-hye/Chief of Public Relations in the Office of the President: The policy of flexible working hours will allow for free labor-management consultation (to change working hours), but the maximum working hours per week will be directed after listening more closely to the public opinion of the labor disadvantaged.]

As public criticism rises, the Ministry of Employment is evolving day after day.

[Lee Jeong-sik/Minister of Labor: We will take various complementary measures based on the opinions of all walks of life so that the reform of the working time system can be an opportunity to consolidate workers' time sovereignty and innovate corporate culture.]

Strong opposition from the younger generation was the backdrop for the review, so the Ministry of Employment first met with the so-called MZ union, the "Refresh Council."

They expressed concern that workers' right to rest would be properly guaranteed, and that the policy was not practical.

[Song Si-young/Vice Chairman of the Refresh Workers' Council: The 52-hour week is not being observed now, isn't it? What can you do after taking a month's leave and have a choice at will? I don't think it's realistic.]

Tomorrow (16 May), we will hold an additional meeting with the 2030 Policy Advisory Group to gather opinions, but there is still a conflict between the two major unions demanding that it be scrapped rather than reviewed.

[Democratic Workers' Union: Didn't you say that you were listening to the opinions of the workers? But why do you only listen to what suits your taste? Immediately dispose of it, dispose of it, dispose of it!]

It is pointed out that only by including measures to systematically protect workers' right to rest instead of leaving it to labor-management consultations along with the adjustment of working hours, an amendment that reflects the opinions of the "labor weak" can be prepared.

(Video Interview: Han Il-il, Video Editing: Kim Jong-mi)