Merex Investment consolidates leasing contracts

G1 Beach to open at La Mer December 2023

The management of G1 Beach in La Mer, the upcoming tourist destination managed by Merex Investments and located in the heart of Jumeirah, has announced the appointment of Arco Turnkey Solutions as the main contractor for the project and the consolidation of leasing contracts.


La Mer's planned redevelopment into a beachfront resort destination reflects Merex Investments' strategic focus on creating solid value by identifying market opportunities and re-evaluating its offerings to meet customer needs, while the G1 Beach project at La Mer will provide a cohesive customer experience and gathering points that will set it apart from other attractions in Dubai.

Facade Rental

According to the statement, the first phase of the 500-meter waterfront leasing process is more than 90% complete, with an emphasis on incorporating exciting concepts in preparation for its grand opening in December 2023.

G1 Beach's main attractions will feature a variety of signature restaurants, including Michelin-starred establishments with authentic food concepts, and three popular beach clubs: GJ Regulatto, Paoli and Serene Beach by Gaia, which will provide visitors with an unforgettable beachfront experience.

Shahram Shamsi, CEO of Merex Investments, said: "Our vision for G1 Beach is to create a truly worth visiting destination in Dubai. As such, we are creating a cohesive customer experience, alongside our outstanding tenants."

La Mer South

La Mer South is currently undergoing a redevelopment to create a unique dining district featuring beachfront dining experiences and signature restaurants. The centrepiece of this development will be G1 Beach at La Mer, offering barrier-free sea views and excellent food and beverage offerings.

According to the company, the G1 Beach project at La Mer embodies the essence of the French Riviera, offering a mix of elegance and luxury that will attract the attention of tourists and residents, with a beach club, covered walkways, as well as a jetty for small boats to reach the boat.