The government decided to review this because as I mentioned earlier, criticism continued, especially among the younger generation. There were many worries and points that I could only work more hours if I couldn't use up my current vacation.

Then there's Jehee-won.

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Working hours are reformed so that they can work in droves when they have a lot of work, and they can take long vacations such as living in Jeju Island for a month.

The Minister of Employment was confident that the MZ generation would actively use it.

[Lee Jeong-sik/Minister of Employment and Labor (last 6 days): The MZ generation has a very good sense of entitlement, to the point of saying, 'Come out the vice chairman, come out the chairman. On what basis did the performance pay come to be like this?' That active sense of entitlement will greatly help to make the law effective.]

However, the MZ generation has been criticized for being unrealistic.

The annual leave burnout rate for current employees is 71.6%.

About 15 out of 5 days of annual leave are not available due to lack of substitutes.

[IT industry worker: I have a long working day, in fact, I still don't get a good guarantee (for breaks). In a way, it can be abused.]

In response to the backlash against working long hours, virtual work schedules such as working 69 hours and going to the hospital on weekends have become a hot topic.

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[Healthcare workers: Unlike other countries, isn't it too retrograde, because I don't think more hours will increase productivity.]

The working-time savings account system has cast doubt on its effectiveness.

[Jihye Kim/Advertising Planner: Just because my work has been terminated doesn't mean I can take that vacation, but I have to consider other people's work situations and other companies' circumstances.

[Hyunchul Ryu/Director of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (Occupational and Environmental Medicine): 'After working hard for a few months, you can rest in a few months, your health will recover' This premise is not valid at all.]

The Refresh Union, which was called the MZ union and claimed to be different from the two existing unions, also made clear its opposition.

[Song Si-young/Vice Chairman of the Workers' Council: Flexibility? That's good. But the problem is that they don't think this will be followed. Also, there is no system in place to protect workers when it is abused by the company or management.]

The Ministry of Employment and Labor said there was a lack of communication, and that it would gather opinions and prepare supplementary measures during the legislative notice period, which ends on the 17th of next month.

(Video Interview: Han Il-il and Jeon Kyung-bae, Video Editing: Lee So-young, CG: Park Chun-woong)

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