The employees of the ailing department store group Galeria have been through a lot. And this has been the case for years, after all, with the merger of Kaufhof and Karstadt, everything has not become better – as the new owner René Benko announced at the time.

Quite the opposite. The business is in its second insolvency in less than three years and again numerous department stores will have to close. Already in 2020, thousands of jobs were cut, with another 52 department stores to be closed, around 5000,<> jobs are again in the fire.

Particularly bitter: Due to insolvency law, a shortened notice period applies, so if the letters arrive at the end of the month, many employees have only three months left after a long fear. The first department stores are scheduled to close at the end of June.

Even though the final number of closures is still pending, the announcement of the list has already dragged on like chewing gum. As a reminder: Galeria has been in protective shield proceedings since October, even though hard negotiations were held with landlords, this must have been an agonizingly long time for the employees. Their only consolation: staff is sought almost everywhere.