Some of you may be wondering why my loan rate is so much higher than the base rate. There are many reasons, but the impact of the bank's own additive rate is significant. The problem is, consumers don't know what the rate is based on.

This is a report by reporter Kim Jong-woo.


At the end of last year, Kang Dong-hyun, who won an apartment in Seoul's Jungnang district, was surprised to see documents flown in from the bank.

The interest rate on the 4 million won loan was 4.6% per annum, of which the additional interest rate was a whopping 92%.

Compared to nearby apartments being sold around the same time, it was of an absurdly high standard.

What's even more absurd is that after protests from subscription winners, Suhyup lowered the interest rate by 4.1 percentage points.

[Donghyun Kang/Prospective Resident: If we were able to adjust East Sea the interest rate by stepping up like this, we think that Suhyup would have recognized that we were overpricing.]

When banks lend money, they attach their own calculated additive interest rate to the financing rate, which is affected by the base rate.

It is a kind of margin that reflects an individual's creditworthiness, work cost, target profit margin, etc., but the detailed calculation method is a trade secret.

If you look at the credit rates of the five major commercial banks last month, they ranged from at least 5% to mid-5% at the highest.

Banks are stepping up to pressure the government to cut lending rates.

Whether they have increased what can be lowered, consumers are wondering if the rubber band rate is being added.

[Kim Duc-ui/CEO of the Financial Justice Coalition: The details should also be made public so that I can be informed of exactly what the burden I am paying is at my risk.]

There is also a proposed bill that would require detailed disclosure of the components of the additive rate, and there are voices that banks should provide information at a level that consumers can compare and understand.

(Video Interview: Yoo Dong-hyuk, Video Editing: Choi Hye-young)