Silicon Valley banks, SVB, which have been the financiers of U.S. startups, have been analyzed and examined by financial authorities on the impact of the bankruptcy on domestic and international financial markets.

According to the financial sector, the SVB bankruptcy was reportedly on the agenda at the so-called "F4 meeting," which is attended every Sunday by the four members in charge of macroeconomic policy, including the Minister of Economy and Finance, the Governor of the Bank of Korea, the Chairman of the Financial Services Commission, and the Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission.

An official from the Financial Services Authority said, "SVB bankruptcy will be discussed on the agenda at the F4 meeting," adding, "There will be an impact on enhanced risk aversion and the outflow of foreign funds, but we believe that the impact on the domestic financial market will be limited."

The Financial Supervisory Service will review the domestic response as the SVB incident is not related to domestic banks, but global financial markets may be affected.

An official from the Financial Services Authority said, "None of the domestic banks have exposure in SVB or Silicon Valley, so there is no impact on the market as a whole," adding, "Each country is expected to check on this incident, so we will look into it."

Earlier, in order to preemptively respond to the unrest in the domestic financial market, the Financial Services Authority decided to activate the "PF Lender Agreement" in April to support the normalization of real estate project financing businesses that may be insolvent.

In addition, in order to alleviate the burden of unsold and high prices and PF risks of construction companies, we have taken preliminary financial stabilization measures, such as the decision to expand the supply of policy finance to KRW 4.4 trillion.