They criticized the concentration of outlets on large-scale goods. and brands that are not very well received

Consumers demand significant cuts on food and basic goods

Consumers are demanding more discounts on meat and poultry, especially fresh. Cinematographer: Mostafa Ghasemi

Consumers called on sales outlets to have more discounts on food and basic commodities, pointing out that a large part of the discounts of some outlets for the next month of Ramadan on non-food or basic goods.

They confirmed to "Emirates Today" that the discounts of food commodities are concentrated on large-sized commodities in terms of number and weight, which are less compared to previous seasons, and that some discounts include brands that do not receive great demand for them. They also called for significant cuts on meat and poultry, especially fresh.

Reductions.. Same to you

Consumer Youssef Al-Mansouri said that «several outlets began their discounts on goods for the holy month of Ramadan, at rates ranging mostly between 20 and 30%».

He added that «a large percentage of more than 60%, according to his opinion, of the Ramadan month discounts are on non-food commodities, and a large part of them are concentrated in cooking utensils and catering, electrical appliances, clothes, personal care products, and detergents».

Al-Mansouri explained that «even discounts for food commodities, a very large percentage of them include non-essential goods for the family, such as: crackers, soda water, biscuits, chocolate, ketchup paste, oats, sweets, jam, as well as goods frequently used in the month of Ramadan such as: (cream caramel), (jelly), and mixture (Luqaimat)».

Al-Mansouri called for increased discounts on food commodities, and a greater focus on basic commodities, to reduce the burden on consumers.

He also pointed out that the rates of discounts are lower, compared to previous years, stressing the importance of offering discounts on more than one brand of the same commodity, especially the basic one, in light of the fact that some discounts are on brands that do not receive great demand.

large sizes;

In turn, consumer Mazen Rashid said that «goods with large sizes in terms of number and weight, constitute a large part of the discounts of food commodities, agreeing that the rates of discounts in goods in general are few compared to previous years, and are concentrated in non-essential goods», noting that his family is small and will not consume all this quantity in one supply.

Rashid gave examples, saying: «The outlet offered a discount on a 10-kilogram rice item from 50 dirhams to 37.75 dirhams, and a type of oil (nine liters) from 115 dirhams to 85 dirhams, while another outlet offered a discount on a package of crackers that includes 20 bags for 20 dirhams, as well as offers that include large sizes of biscuits, chocolate, ketchup, oats, sweets, juices and jam, as well as goods frequently used in the month of Ramadan such as: (Cream Caramel), (Jelly), and (Luqaimat mixture)."

He stressed the importance of including discounts of various sizes, commensurate with the consumption of families, as well as focusing on basic food commodities, which do not exceed 30% of the discounts of sales outlets.

Meat and poultry

Consumer Amani Maher said: "The discounts of the month of Ramadan in some outlets range mostly between 10 and 40%."

She stressed that discounts on meat and poultry are few, although they are the most requested during the Ramadan season, calling for tangible discounts on meat and poultry, especially fresh, at a time when the discounted varieties run out early in the morning, if any.

Maher stated that «some outlets focus on offers of non-food commodities significantly, especially cooking utensils, dishes, bedspreads, soda water, chocolate, and personal care products, and the rates of discounts on basic food commodities are the lowest compared to previous years».

Waste of money

Consumer Jamal Naji agreed that large-sized goods account for a large percentage of food commodity discounts in some outlets, pointing out that buying these goods is a waste of money.

He explained that «a sales outlet offered an offer on a favorite tea variety, to drop from 117 dirhams to 95 dirhams, but did not buy it, being in a package weighing five kilograms, and another outlet offered an offer on the type (ketchup) in a large size to drop its price from 20 dirhams to 15.75 dirhams.

He also pointed to an offer on the type of large-sized chocolate, as well as offers on goods frequently used in the month of Ramadan such as «jelly» and «cream caramel», but in large sizes, pointing out that he prefers to buy small quantities without offers, rather than buy large-sized goods that will be damaged quickly.

He also called for increasing discounts on fresh and frozen meat and poultry during the Ramadan season, stressing that they are few and run out quickly.

A great achievement

In addition, the official in a large sales outlet, Abu Bakr Hafiz, told Emirates Today that "the discounts are many and varied, and are distributed over a large number of goods, to suit the tastes of different consumers."

He explained that «price increases at the global level, especially the prices of food commodities, reflected on supply prices, which affected the discounts for food commodities», considering the discounts of outlets a great achievement, and in the interest of consumers, in light of the global market conditions and high global inflation rates.

He pointed out that focusing part of the discounts on high-volume goods leads to an increase in the volume of sales, and thus the profits of sales outlets.

Fresh Goods

"It is normal for Ramadan discounts to vary to suit large and small families, hotels, and others," said Mohammed Hassan, an official at a sales outlet, noting that what is considered a non-essential commodity for consumers is essential for other consumers.

Hassan predicted that the supply of fresh goods, especially meat and poultry, will increase as the month of Ramadan approaches, stressing that there are many basic and non-essential commodities that will reduce their prices in the coming weeks.

■ Outlet: «Sales outlets discounts are a great achievement and are in the interest of consumers, in light of the global market conditions, and the high rates of global inflation».