Etisalat from e&Launches Fifth Generation Satellite Connectivity

Etisalat by e&Etisalat today announced the implementation of its latest technology solutions via EUTELSAT QUANTUM, becoming the first telecom operator in the country to increase its 5G network capabilities by connecting it to programmed satellites, giving customers the opportunity to obtain fast internet speeds, better network coverage, and scalability to meet the future requirements of applications that require high bandwidth.

Etisalat from e&Etisalat begins this step after extensive testing for more than a year, with the aim of expanding the deployment of its 5G mobile network, by adding the latest quantum satellite technology in collaboration with EUTELSAT, to the newly installed Newtech Dialog Hub technologies to enhance the capacity of the mobile network.

Khalid Murshed, Chief Technology & Information Officer at Etisalat & Etisalat, said: "Satellite connectivity has become a key enabler for communities and businesses in this rapidly evolving digital landscape, with the demand for permanent connectivity on the internet increasing, due to the constant need to use technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain that have a greater impact on consumer lives. By deploying these satellite solutions and technologies, our customers will be able to access their data at high speeds over 5G even when terrestrial connectivity is not available, marking another important step towards the region's adoption of <>G networks and bridging the digital divide."

Oscar García, Senior Vice President, Business Marketing and Innovative Services at Etisalat e&, said: "The need for connectivity solutions is growing and going far beyond traditional communications with customers wanting to reach the highest speeds on the Internet, and to meet their needs to use bandwidth-intensive applications such as GSM services, telecommunications, unified communications, and live online streaming services (OTT, media streaming, and many other services, the testing and implementation of these satellite solutions It significantly enhances the ability of the mobile network to address the future evolution of legacy applications with the potential to rise 5G use cases across industry and business sectors."

Ghassan Murad, Head of Interconnection for the Middle East, Africa and Asia at Eutelsat, said: "Eutelsat is proud to partner with Etisalat from e&, to deploy the use of 5G on the world's first programmed satellite network, and to enhance the ability of our fully routable packages to meet the urgent needs of mobile and satellite NGN."

EUTELSAT QUANTUM, the first commercial Ku-band satellite, has a fully flexible payload that can be configured remotely by software from the user's premises, as a routable and programmed package, which can be controlled in real time for commands, to offer maximum productivity and optimize its various operating scenarios.

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