The service trade union Verdi has called for warning strikes in the health care system in the coming week in the wage dispute in the public sector of the federal government and municipalities. For Tuesday and Wednesday, employees of hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes and rescue services are called to work stoppages nationwide, Verdi said on Friday in Berlin.

The warning strikes are a protest against the offer presented by the federal government and municipalities at the end of February, which demands "special sacrifices" for employees in clinics and geriatric care - they should waive wages if the company is doing badly economically. "The employers' request to enable salary cuts for health care workers through an additional collective bargaining agreement is a real provocation and leads to fierce protests and resistance, especially in the health care sector," said Verdi boss Frank Werneke.

Verdi federal board member Sylvia Bühler called the submitted offer "simply disrespectful". Bühler referred in particular to the burdens during the corona pandemic. The service trade union and the German Civil Service Association are demanding 10.5 percent more per month for the approximately 2.4 million employees in the public sector, but at least 500 euros more salary.

The employers recently offered a linear increase in wages by three percent this year and by another two percent next year, as well as tax-free one-off payments totaling 2500 euros spread over two years. The unions rejected the employer's offer. The third round of collective bargaining will take place from 27 to 29 March in Potsdam.