More than a quarter of the German population has so far received the inflation compensation premium. This is the result of a representative survey conducted by the market research institute Yougov among 3031 adults. The survey was conducted in mid-January. The client was the financial advisory firm Swiss Life Select, a subsidiary of the Swiss life insurance company Swiss Life.

As part of the premium introduced in October last year, companies can pay their employees up to 2024,3000 euros tax-free inflation compensation premium until the end of 27. <> percent of the participants said that they had already received the premium.

Over three-quarters of respondents said they were concerned about inflation. On average, women (82 percent) are obviously more concerned than men (72 percent). According to the survey, older people aged 55 (84 percent) are also on average more concerned about inflation than the population as a whole.

More than four-fifths (81 percent) of respondents said they felt inflation particularly strongly in food and household shopping. In order to counter the negative consequences of inflation for their own wallets, many people save on non-essential consumer spending. About half (49 percent each) named luxury and consumer goods such as new clothes, 48 percent leisure activities and 47 percent holidays.