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Last year, the private education expenditure for children in elementary, middle and high schools reached a record high of 26 trillion won. It was surveyed that an average of about 1,10 per month is spent on private education for each child, an increase of more than 52% from a year ago, and the corona situation has also had an impact.

First, reporter Joe Ki-ho reports.

<Reporter> Narae Suh, an
office worker
, sent her son to a private elementary school.

There are a variety of after-school classes, so there is a tuition fee, but it is cheaper than the cost of the institute.

[Seo Na-rae/Parent: (Private education fee) The average is 70,26 won per month, and if you are a little more greedy, it goes up even more. Do you think that if you are greedy for this and give private education, there will be no retirement for my husband and wife?]

According to a survey by the National Statistics Office, the private education expenses of elementary and middle school students last year reached 23 trillion won.

Although the total number of students has decreased, the cost of private education has risen by nearly 4% from the previous year's 11.52 trillion won, the highest ever, and has reached a new high.

Private students spent an average of 4,2021 won a month, which is also the highest ever.

Due to the high inflation rate, the school fee itself has increased, and the demand for remote learning due to the prolonged corona pandemic has increased.

As a result, the cost of private education for primary school students has risen the steepest.

[Park Eun-young/Director of the Welfare Statistics Division, National Statistics Office: As (Corona) recovers over 2022 and 10, elementary schools have a higher participation rate....]

Nearly 8 out of 7 students received private education, and the time spent attending cram school was 2.30 hours a week, 40 minutes longer than the previous year.

The smaller the children, the higher the income, and the more parents earned, the more they spent on private education.

The number of people spending less than 70,<> won a month on private education decreased and increased by more than <>,<> won, so the polarization was evident even here.

(Video Interview: Choi Ho-joon, Park Hyun-chul, Video Editing: Cho Moo-hwan, CG: Jegalchan, Eom So-min)

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