Discounts start today on 10k items with rates of up to 60%

«Lulu»: No increase in the prices of any commodity during Ramadan

Lulu: All goods are available in the country's markets and there is no shortage. Cinematographer: Eric Arazas

Ashraf Ali MA, CEO of Lulu Group, told Emirates Today that "the price of any commodity will not be raised in Ramadan in the country's markets, even if its supply prices rise or its prices rise in global markets."

He stressed that «all goods are available in the country's markets, and there is no shortage in any commodity», pointing out that there is a large stock of various goods, whether food or consumer, to ensure that the needs of consumers are met, and work to support the efficiency of supply chains to face any global shortage or any emergency international circumstances, so that it does not affect the availability of goods or their prices in the country.

He added, on the sidelines of a press conference yesterday, to announce the start of the Ramadan discounts campaign, from today (Wednesday), until Eid al-Fitr, that «(the group) has been working with suppliers, whether inside or outside the UAE, for months to prevent raising the supply prices of various goods due to global challenges affecting the availability and prices of goods».

He pointed out that the Ramadan campaign includes discounts on more than 10,60 commodities, from today until the end of Ramadan, at rates of up to 200%, and includes basic and non-essential commodities, mainly groceries, vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, electrical and household appliances, phones, clothes, gifts, etc., as well as the continued availability of 97 commodities at a fixed price, noting that the discounts will be available in more than <> hypermarkets and supermarkets belonging to the Lulu Group within the UAE, as well as Lulu platforms via Internet.

For his part, Nanda Kumar, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications at the Group, said that «(the Group) is offering as of today, two Ramadan baskets, the first at a price of 85 dirhams, and the second at a price of 120 dirhams, and includes a number of basic commodities that are in high demand in Ramadan», pointing out that there is a great demand for the sale of Ramadan baskets during the past years, especially to support charitable works.

Kumar explained that «the Ramadan campaign also includes a market for fresh meat and poultry, which includes price discounts and festivals for dates, Ramadan sweets, ready meals, organic and gluten-free products», pointing out that there is full coordination with «Dubai Cares» to donate one dirham of the value of each product, of «Lulu» products to the needy, as well as coordination with the Emirates Red Crescent, in order to provide the opportunity for consumers, to donate meals inside and outside the UAE, starting from 10 dirhams, in addition to the presence of vouchers worth 100, 250 and 500. AED to support those in need.