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government has come up with an amendment to working hours with the 52-hour week as the core. The idea is to allow people to work up to 69 hours a week when they are overwhelmed, and to be able to take long vacations later with the accumulated working hours.

First, reporter Sooyoung Kim explains what's changing.

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The current working hours, represented by the 52-hour week, can only be extended for 40 hours to the basic 12-hour

The government said the restrictions took away workers' right to choose and caused side effects, such as free labor.

Accordingly, overtime hours are extended on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis.

For example, if you do it monthly, you can work more during busy weeks and less in other weeks, so you can observe 52 hours of overtime per month.

However, if the maximum annual operation is carried out, the total overtime limit must be reduced by 30% from the current level to prevent long continuous work.

If you guarantee the right to rest for 11 consecutive hours between work, you can work up to 69 hours a week, and if the labor and management agree that there is no guarantee of 11 hours of rest in some industries, the maximum working hours will be limited to 64 hours.

A working time savings account system will be introduced so that intensive work can be compensated with long-term leave.

It is explained that if you accumulate overtime, night, and holiday work as vacation and then add it to your existing annual leave, you can develop yourself such as traveling or obtaining a certificate, such as living in Jeju for a month.

By increasing the unit period of the optional work system from 1 month to 3 months, it seems that the 4-day week and 4.5-day system will spread.

[Minister of Employment and Labor: It will give workers the benefit of enjoying various working time systems such as a four-day week, sabbatical, and staggered commuting, and will give companies a breather in manpower management.]

In addition, even if the majority of the unions agreed on working conditions with the company, if the representative of the workers in a particular occupation or occupation objected, the employer could consult directly with the employer after the judgment of the labor committee.

(Video Interview: Park Young-il, Video Editing: Kim Ho-jin, CG: Son Seung-pil and Eom So-min)

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