We also heard from employees about the flexible working hours plan. Some people want to work hard and take long breaks, while others worry that they will only work more and not be able to take vacations.

This is a report by reporter Jung Ban-seok.

There is also a
reaction to the government's reform of working hours, saying that it is more efficient if you can concentrate and rest more when work is crowded.

[Kim Chang-yong/Guro office worker: I thought it was necessary, because there is a season in my work, and I think that's the key to whether it can be kept realistically.]

Recently, due to this demand, some IT industry developments and office workers have been experimenting with a 4-day week and a 4.5-day week.

However, many sites are now less than 52 hours long, and there was concern that frequent overtime would increase.

[Jeong Da-eun/Yeouido office worker: Even though the law stipulates 52 hours, they work a lot of overtime, and if they are legally increased, they will have to spend almost two-thirds of their days at the company.]

For example, when applying working hours per month, if you work at the maximum for two consecutive weeks, you cannot work overtime in the third or fourth week, but due to the continuity of the company's work, it is not realistic to drastically reduce production for only two weeks.

There are also concerns that it will encourage chronic overwork.

[Kim Hwan-min/CEO of Game Developers Alliance: There were people who were presumed to be overworked because of crunches (long hours of intensive work), and many people have complained of pain. If we make this legal, how much more overtime will there be?]

In a workplace culture that is still viewed by managers, it will take time for long-term leave to settle down.

[Yeouido office worker: It's so unrealistic that even my friends who work can't even use their current annual leave...]

Promises made by governments and companies in exchange for flexibility need to be continuously supplemented so that they can be properly kept in the actual workplace.

(Video Interview: Jeon Kyung-bae, Han Il-il, Video Editing: Choi Hye-young)

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