1. Train ticket with delay

Numerous transport companies are not in a position to offer the nationwide Deutschlandticket at a price of 49 euros exclusively digitally, as demanded by Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing, reports the F.A.Z. Therefore, millions of interim solutions in paper format are expected to be in circulation by the end of the year, comparable to the provisional Bahncard. The start date will be 1 May, not 1 April as previously announced.

2. Type 15,000 pages

Patrick Bernau

Editor responsible for economy and "value" of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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To indicate their secondary activities, the members of the Bundestag had to fill out a form by January 2022. One year later, however, not all information has arrived on the homepage of the Bundestag. The reason: The form could not be filled out electronically, so the answers came on paper, many handwritten. Now Bundestag employees have to type in the completed forms by hand and send the typed data back to the members of parliament for control. With 736 MEPs and 20-page forms, it is likely to be roughly 15,000 pages.

3. Bundeswehr does not order

One year after Chancellor Olaf Scholz proclaimed the "turning point" and promised 100 billion euros to modernize the Bundeswehr, not much has happened. Only 600 million euros have been spent, 0.6 percent of the amount. The Federal Government has drawn up a list of spending plans – many of which date back to the years before the turn of the era. "Even before the war, it was a problem that often not all funds from the defense budget were called up because the procurement procedures take too long," said Eva Högl, the commissioner for the armed forces, in an interview with F.A.S. in January.

4. Barracks remain ugly

Also in this F.A.S. interview, the military commissioner Eva Högl said: "I am also concerned about the condition of the barracks, which is not acceptable. (...) The planning process for a renovation alone takes at least five years."

5. Shallow Rhine

On the Middle Rhine, the water flow is to be changed so that the fairway becomes 20 centimetres deeper. Goods could be shifted from road to water – not least if climate change reduces water flow in summer. In the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan, the project is rated as "urgent", its benefits are said to be a record-breaking 30 times higher than the costs. Not only the FDP-led Ministry of Transport is pushing ahead with the project, but also green transport ministers from three federal states have spoken out in favour of it. Nevertheless, the planning stalls due to various objections. Originally, the small project, for which only a double-digit million amount is earmarked, was to be completed in the early 30s. But project experts are already expecting a delay of several years.