Increases PP by $1.6 billion and creates 13,<> jobs

12 agreements and partnerships between the UAE, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt in 9 industrial projects with investments of two billion dollars

  • The activities of the third meeting of the «Higher Committee for Integrated Industrial Partnership for Sustainable Economic Development» kicked off yesterday in Amman. From the source

  • The UAE focuses on strengthening partnership with countries in the region. Archival

  • Sultan Al-Jaber: "The projects focus on priority sectors, to strengthen value chains, and achieve industrial, food and pharmaceutical security."


The third meeting of the Higher Committee for Integrated Industrial Partnership for Sustainable Economic Development, which includes the UAE, Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain, kicked off yesterday in Amman, Jordan, Jordan, and Bahrain, headed by the ministers of industry in the four countries.

The Jordanian Prime Minister, Dr. Bisher Khasawneh, witnessed the signing ceremony of the partnership agreements, in the presence of the ministers of industry in the four countries, during the third meeting of the Higher Committee for Integrated Industrial Partnership for Sustainable Economic Development. 12 agreements and partnerships were announced in nine integrated industrial projects, with an investment value of more than $ 1 billion in vital sectors, while these projects contribute to increasing the GDP in the partnership countries, worth more than $ 6.13 billion, and creating about <>,<> direct and indirect jobs.

sodium carbonate

The Egyptian company "Soda Chemical Industries" announced an investment of $ 500 million to produce sodium carbonate "soda ash", which represents the main raw material in many industries, the most important of which is the glass and detergent industry, with a production capacity of 500 thousand tons per year. A memorandum of understanding was signed for a strategic partnership with Emirates Flat Glass Company, owned by Dubai Investments, to purchase the final product.

A project by the UAE automotive manufacturer M Glory Holding was also announced, with an investment value of $ 550 million to establish three integrated factories for electric cars, with specialized production and assembly lines in the UAE, Jordan and Egypt, with a production capacity of 40,<> crossover compact cars in the first three years.

A memorandum of understanding was signed with the Jordanian Center for Design and Development (Jodby) and the Arab Organization for Industrialization in Egypt, as manufacturing partners, and a memorandum of understanding with the Bahraini company "GARMCO", to supply the aluminum sheets necessary for manufacturing, as accelerating the adoption of the electric car manufacturing project, and relying on alternative energy sources, is one of the models that the partnership countries are working to adopt, in a way that enhances sustainability in resources and industries, and provides environmental solutions, with the climate challenges that the world stands in front of, especially since the UAE hosts the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (COP28), where the UAE will lead global efforts to develop practical solutions to the challenges of climate change.

Industrial complex

The project of the «CFC» Company for Feed and Chemicals, owned by Emirati investors, was announced, to establish an industrial complex for feed and chemicals in the Arab Republic of Egypt, with an investment size of $ 400 million, where a memorandum of understanding was signed to supply «potash» with the Arab «potash» company in Jordan, and the supply of phosphate from Misr Phosphate Company, and the land was allocated and obtained the «golden license», and it is planned to start contracting work to establish the plant in July 2023, with the aim of reaching a total capacity of up to half a ton per year for feed supplements. Animals and potash fertilizers, and 1.1 tons per year for chemicals. It is worth mentioning that the CFC School of Applied Sciences was established next to the factory grounds, which will begin in September this year to receive middle school students in order to prepare technical cadres for the benefit of the company.

Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) has also announced a $200 million investment to establish a metal silicon plant in the UAE, with a production capacity of 55,<> tonnes per annum, and a memorandum of understanding and cooperation agreement to supply raw silica was signed with Manaseer Group from Jordan.

«Magnesia of Jordan»

Manaseer Group of Jordan announced the expansion of the "Magnesia Jordan" plant worth $ 70 million, to add two units of "magnesium hydroxide" in addition to "calcium chloride" products in Jordan with a total production capacity of 270,2024 tons per year, to be exported to the UAE, and an agreement of understanding was signed with Emirates Global Aluminium Company (EGA) to purchase the final product of the plant as a raw material for the aluminum industry, and it is expected to start producing "magnesium hydroxide" during the current year, and "calcium chloride" in <>.

The UAE's Global Pharma has also signed a technology transfer partnership with the Egyptian company Nerhado, to work on developing advanced manufacturing technology for the production of medicines and nutritional supplements in the UAE, in addition to concluding a technology transfer partnership with two Jordanian companies, Safi Pharma Pharmaceutical Industries, in the field of research and development of value-added medicines and to expand manufacturing and production, with a total investment value of $ 60 million for the two projects, and a production capacity of up to 5 million packages annually for all products. project, launching products by the end of 2023.

technology transfer

The Jordanian company "Itqan Pharma" also announced a partnership contract for technology transfer and contract manufacturing with the UAE companies "Global Pharma" and "Adkan Pharma" to manufacture injections, "aerosols", and inhalers, and an agreement of understanding with the Egyptian company "Markerl" for technology transfer in the field of manufacturing biosimilars in Jordan, with a total investment value of $ 10 million, and the project is planned to be completed, and the products will be launched in the fourth quarter of next year.

Bahrain's Alpha Biotech announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding for the transfer of technology, knowledge and contract manufacturing with the Jordanian company Itqan Pharma, to manufacture general preparations, oncology preparations, medical solutions, and other pharmaceutical products, with a production capacity of 350 million tablets annually, and a total investment value of $ 174 million for the first and second phases of the project.

A project was also announced for the Bahraini company Gulf Biotech, to establish a factory for the production of raw materials for vaccines and the final product with an investment of $ 103 million, and a production capacity of 105 million doses per year, and a technology transfer agreement was previously signed this month with the Egyptian company BioGeneric Pharma.

Tangible successes

For his part, the Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, conveyed the greetings of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and his wishes for the countries of the Integrated Industrial Partnership for sustainable economic development to succeed in their mission to achieve the objectives of the partnership, in a way that strengthens relations at all levels between the countries of the partnership and the Arab world as a whole.

He said: "The UAE, in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, continues to focus on cooperation and integration of efforts to achieve comprehensive and sustainable economic development, strengthen partnership with the countries of the region, and benefit from the qualitative competitive advantages and great potential enjoyed by member countries of the integrated industrial partnership for sustainable economic development, to increase growth in societies, achieve economic and social goals, and build a solid base for industrial cooperation that benefits our societies." He added: «We have begun to achieve tangible successes in this partnership, and we are facing a prominent model of industrial partnerships between private sector companies in these countries, which proves our ability to all of us, to plan, integrate, and move towards achieving the strategic objectives of the partnership, and we are still at the beginning of this fruitful partnership, and it is certain that we will be in front of new projects, which will be crystallized during the coming period, in all targeted sectors and this partnership enhances the role of the private sector, in front of these opportunities available in the targeted sectors, and industrial partnerships are the way The optimal availability for the growth and development of these industries, making the products of these sectors competitive with international standards. We also renew the call to companies in our countries to enter into these partnerships, and put forward proposals and perceptions, for quality projects that benefit from the capabilities of our countries, competitive advantages, resources, and human expertise, and our duty as government agencies is to study the capabilities required for these projects, and to provide all kinds of support required, in a way that enhances these partnerships, and provides the appropriate economic environment for their success. Al Jaber continued: "We are pleased to witness today the announcement of a group of joint industrial projects in strategic sectors worth more than two billion dollars, which provide a distinguished model for industrial partnerships between the private sector in member states, proving our ability to all of us to plan, integrate and move towards achieving the goals, and this integrated partnership has achieved tangible steps during the past months, and we are still at the beginning of the road, and we look forward to launching more new qualitative projects during the coming period in all targeted sectors, in order to achieve the goals. Strategy for partnership."

Sustainable Development

He added: "We are working to enhance integration, coordinate efforts and turn them into tangible results, in a way that promotes sustainable economic development and creates economic opportunities in the region, given the importance of developing the industrial sector, achieving integration in resources and industries, and benefiting from the competitive advantages in our countries, especially that this integration will contribute to protecting supply chains, replacing imports, providing more job opportunities, and promoting self-sufficiency." Al Jaber said: "The industrial sector in the United Arab Emirates has been able to achieve great achievements during 2022, most notably the value of UAE industrial exports reaching AED 174 billion in 2022, in addition to AED 180 billion as a contribution of the industrial sector to the GDP, and the launch of various initiatives that enhance the role of the industrial sector, such as the technological transformation program, the (Make in the Emirates) initiative, and other programs that enhance partnerships with investors, and provide them with advantages and enablers."

He added: "The wise leadership of the UAE focuses on sustainability in various fields and sectors, in a way that foresees future global trends in the industrial sector, and confirms the nature of the industrial investment environment in the UAE, and its vitality, attractiveness, flexibility and competitiveness, and the declaration of 2023, the Year of Sustainability, to enhance the efforts of global climate action, and to create new opportunities for sustainable economic growth, in particular, as we approach the UAE's hosting next November, of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. COP28 will be an international platform to discuss many issues, most notably the impact of the industrial sector on climate, through the adoption of advanced technology solutions and sustainable manufacturing." He praised the vital role played by the brothers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the Kingdom of Bahrain, for the success of the partnership, and thanked the members of the Executive Committee of the partnership, for their efforts during the past period in cooperation with the private sector, to study qualified projects, and continue to research the latest developments in the sectors of pharmaceuticals, agriculture, fertilizers, food, minerals, petrochemicals and textiles, in order to enhance their growth and effectiveness.

Partnership Updates

Omar Al Suwaidi, Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Partnership, gave a presentation on the most prominent developments regarding the industrial partnership, the findings of the workshops on the targeted sectors, industrial investment opportunities, priority projects, and the most prominent aspirations during the coming period for the development of this partnership.

During this presentation, Al-Suwaidi stressed that the committee is studying the feasibility of projects and their economic impact in all sectors, opportunities and possibilities for integration in them, and strengthening partnership in cooperation with the private sector, and will continue to search for new potential projects, and evaluate and enable the projects under study, including the feasibility of establishing a fertilizer plant in Jordan, estimated at a cost of about $ 800 million.

A promising and sustainable partnership

Yousef Al-Shamali, Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply and Minister of Labour of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, said: "In the past months since we launched this partnership in Abu Dhabi, we have witnessed a multifaceted boom, whose deliberate steps herald a deep and sustainable transformation in relations between our industrial sectors, and the first aspect of this shift is in the economic discourse that officials and the media have begun to adopt, which is to highlight the benefits that our countries will reap through the adoption of industrial integration among them. This initiative has become a prominent example of an integrative Arab endeavor directed at the highest political levels in the four countries."

Arab Industrial Integration

The Minister of Trade and Industry of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Eng. Ahmed Samir Saleh, affirmed Egypt's keenness to strengthen joint efforts with the UAE, Jordan and Bahrain, to achieve Arab industrial integration, in a way that contributes to pushing economic relations between the member states of the integrated industrial partnership to distinct levels, and benefits the peoples of brotherly countries. Joint Arab Action The Minister of Industry and Commerce in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, affirmed the Kingdom of Bahrain's appreciation for the tireless joint Arab work among the member states of the Integrated Industrial Partnership, and the active participation of the private sector in it, noting that the Kingdom of Bahrain has introduced the industrial sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain to the objectives of the Integrated Industrial Partnership (2022-2026).

UAE-based MGLORY is investing $550 million to build three electric car factories in the UAE, Jordan and Egypt.

CFC, owned by UAE investors, is setting up a $400 million feed and chemicals industrial complex in Egypt.

Emirates Aluminium invests $ 200 million to establish a metal silicon plant in the UAE, and an agreement with Jordan's Manaseer to supply raw silica.