Two managers: Raise competitiveness and meet consumer needs

"Mushroom coffee" and "Sleep candy". Innovative Food Products at Gulfood 2023

  • «Sleep candy» is served with a strawberry flavor and contains natural elements that stimulate the body to sleep. Cinematographer: Ashok Verma

  • Radwan Ahmed: "Consumer demand is motivating companies to expand their introduction of more innovative food products."


Gulfood 2023 witnessed the launch of innovative food and beverage products by international and local companies, offering different purposes and functions.

In a field tour of the pavilions of the exhibition, which concluded its largest session the day before yesterday, at the Dubai World Trade Center, after the participation of more than 5000,125 companies from more than <> countries, Emirates Today monitored a number of innovative food products, most notably "mushroom coffee", which depends on the steps of preparing the "mushroom mix" cooled for long periods with a mixture of coffee, in a way that raises the health benefits and does not change the usual taste of coffee, which is served in refrigerated forms.

An Indian company has introduced innovative products called "Sleep Candy", which is served with a strawberry flavor and contains natural elements that stimulate the body to sleep better, providing benefits to be used in the evenings and well before bedtime. A British company launched, through its stand at the exhibition, "Water Plus" bottles, which include different proteins that benefit the human body when consuming water, providing different benefits and purposes when consuming that water. Cyprus offered dairy and cheese products that are free of milk, soy, gluten, and palm oils, and are made from all-plant materials but with the same taste as cheese. A Spanish company has introduced caviar products, made from fish soup and caviar with the same natural taste as caviar, to support the expansion of environmental sustainability plans and further preserve fish wealth.

A company from Vietnam showcased innovative citrus tea products, or citrus fruits, prepared inside dry fruits of lemon and orange, providing health benefits and a natural taste of those fruits, with tea after preparation.

The UAE's IFFCO company launched, through its stand at the exhibition, an innovative product of olive oils intended for cooking and frying without these oils losing their taste or health benefits.

In turn, Radwan Ahmed, CEO of IFFCO Group, said that «the research and development department of the group was able to reach an innovative product of olive oil used for cooking, frying, and other uses, without the oil losing its taste or changing its benefits, which increases the various uses of oil».

He added that «consumer demand in the markets is what motivates companies to expand the introduction of more innovative food products, in line with the diverse needs of consumers».

Robbie Wang Seng, senior business manager at Sarwalk Oil Palms, said: "Innovative products raise competitiveness and meet new consumer requirements."