Yoon Seok-yeol referred to the violence at construction sites as "gunpok," and Land Minister Won Hee-ryong also kept up the pressure, using the terms "fake workers" and "lawless zones." Labor countered that it was inflating some personal deviances.

I'm a reporter on the sidewalk.

Minister of Land and Infrastructure Won Hee-ryong, who took aim at the
monthly fee for tower cranes. Today (26th), the construction site opened a proclamation, saying, "There are fake workers who do not work and only take money."

[Won Hee-ryong/Minister of Land: At almost every construction site, there are from 3 to as many as 8 people. Team leader and class leader name hanging from as little as 500 million won to as much as 1 million won....]

Construction company officials who attended the meeting claimed that some of the team leaders the union demanded to hire did not work properly and received an average of 500.560 million won per month.

Regarding this, Minister Wen said that the construction site is a lawless zone, closer to the fist than the law, and that he will take measures after understanding the relevant situation.

[Won Hee-ryong/Minister of Land: They have no choice but to stand by with their fists closer than the law, wear a sign of a union, and turn the site into a lawless zone while not working....]

The labor community strongly protested, citing unverified cases of personal deviation, saying that they were selling the entire union.

[Democratic Workers' Union Official: I would like to say that you should give evidence, but you should not make fun of the way you sell all construction unions in such a way without clear grounds.]

The Democratic Workers' Union of Construction plans to hold a press conference tomorrow to urge the implementation of its promise to improve the employment of construction workers, followed by a resolution meeting attended by more than 4,<> people in downtown Seoul the day after tomorrow.

(Video Interview: Cho Chang-hyun, Video Editing: Jung Sung-hoon)