After vegetables, farmers estimate that apples and pears could also become scarce in Great Britain. The scarcity of some fruits and vegetables is only the "tip of the iceberg," said the deputy president of the agricultural association NFU, Tom Bradshaw, on Saturday. "Retailers are doing everything they can to keep costs down during this cost of living crisis." But farmers and growers could not afford to invest in future food production.

The "Guardian" had reported that fruit producers had planted only a third of the apple and pear trees needed to maintain the 5500 hectares of production area in Great Britain. According to the Apple and Pear Trade Association, the main reason is "supermarket returns that are not sustainable".

Also scarcity in Germany?

On Friday, British vegetable and fruit producers had already warned of a long crisis in view of supply problems with some food. The reason for the shortage is considered to be unfavorable weather in the growing areas as well as increased transport costs and energy prices. Several retailers such as market leader Tesco and discounter Aldi have rationed the sale of some products such as tomatoes or cucumbers due to delivery difficulties.

In Germany, Edeka said on Wednesday at the request of the F.A.Z. that there was no shortage of vegetables. "We can continue to ensure the supply of sufficient quantities to our markets," says the cooperative retail association. REWE and Penny let it be known that there were enough tomatoes & Co. to buy. Also in the future. But there is less choice and prices are rising. "The supply disruption in the procurement market is currently affecting the range of available varieties and the resulting market prices," said a spokesman.