I booked two hotel properties for them for 6 nights

Global company selects Dubai for annual conference with 1600,<> employees

Business and conference tourism in Dubai has seen a boost since the beginning of 2023. Cinematographer: Mostafa Ghasemi

The regional director of Hyatt Hotels Group in Dubai, the general manager of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Fathi Khojaly, said that a famous international company specialized in technology services has chosen Dubai to hold its annual conference currently, noting that the company has brought more than 1600,<> employees to the emirate, and booked two hotel facilities for them in two batches, in order to provide accommodation for employees to attend the conference.

Khojaly explained to "Emirates Today" that «the duration of the stay of employees participating in the company's annual conference lasts six hotel nights, and includes: accommodation, food services, transportation, as well as conference rooms and business spaces, pointing out that «the group's hotels recorded through this booking the highest return for (group reservation) ever».

Khojaly stressed that business tourism and conferences in Dubai have witnessed a strong boost since the beginning of this year, pointing out that major international companies choose the emirate to hold their annual conferences and periodic business meetings, in light of its position as a global center for finance and business, and the provision of world-class infrastructure, in addition to its tourist location on the map of the most prominent destinations in the world.

He revealed that the revenues recorded by the group's hotels in February 2023 exceeded the levels of the same period last year, when the emirate was hosting Expo 2020 Dubai.

Khojaly stressed the continued high demand on the hotel market in Dubai with the high rates of tourist flow to the emirate, pointing out that these indicators predict a strong tourist season in Dubai during the current year as a whole.

According to the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, the business events sector has continued to make a positive contribution to Dubai's sustainable economic growth and increased momentum in the tourism sector, highlighted by a successful year in terms of winning bids to host conferences, meetings and meetings, as well as incentive travel programs for major international companies, which supports the objectives of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33).