Bill Gates is known for his wide variety of investments, whether in new technologies or sustainable development. On February 17, the Microsoft co-founder continued his original momentum by buying 10.8 million Heineken Holding NV shares, Reuters reports relayed by Capital.

18 million shares sold in one day

The American billionaire now owns 3.76% of the company's capital, according to information from the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM). Bill Gates bought these shares from FEMSA Group (Fomento Económico Mexicano), one of the largest beer producers in Mexico.

FEMSA held 18 million Heineken Holding NV shares, which it sold in full on 17 February. As a reminder, Heineken Holding NV owns 50,005% of the capital of the Dutch brewer Heineken, which therefore makes it its majority shareholder.

An amazing investment

This new investment may come as a surprise. In 2018, Bill Gates had indeed indicated on Reddit that he was "not a big beer drinker". "When I find myself in a sporting event, like a baseball game, I drink light beer to get in the mood," said the billionaire. "Sorry to disappoint the real beer drinkers!"

The 10.8 million shares bought by Bill Gates, which are currently worth 889.92 million euros, could well see their price fall in the coming months. Heineken is indeed determined to leave the Russian market by March 2023, which should cause it to lose 300 million euros according to Reuters. Meanwhile, after the announcement of the share buyback by Bill Gates, the group's share price has increased by 6.80% in five days.

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