Chevrolet sales in the UAE in 2022 strongest since 2017

«General Motors»: Car prices are heading towards stability

General Motors Middle East (GMME) said that car prices will stabilize after a period of rise due to reduced supply, especially as the supply chain crisis eases.

She added that this challenge, which came as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic, caused a shortage of materials needed to manufacture cars and electronic chips.

Sales growth

General Motors Middle East said at a press conference held in Dubai yesterday that it achieved a growth of 20% in its sales for the year 2022 compared to 2021, despite the challenges related to shipping and transportation during the past two years.

The company is working to lay strong foundations for a fully electrically sustainable future, underpinned by its multi-faceted regional business strategy, noting that these strong results were driven by the consistent performance of the company's brands in the GCC and the region.

Corporate Strategy

GM Middle East's long-term strategy to move its operations to a connected, electric, and self-driving future is characterized by its vision to reach "zero accidents", "zero emissions" and "zero traffic congestion", and is based on maximizing existing operations, with the aim of financing and creating the necessary infrastructure to achieve optimal success.

The Year of Opportunities

2022 was a year of opportunity, with the company reporting that its operations enabled a strong and efficient response to requests and helped overcome all industry challenges.

According to the company, strong growth was recorded across GM's three brands, with outstanding performance in several categories in several key markets.

She pointed out that the Chevrolet brand set records in the UAE in 2022, achieving its strongest sales since 2017.

The Future of Mobility

Jacques Oppal, President and CEO of General Motors' Africa and Middle East operations, said: "The growth we have seen in our brand performance over the past year lays the foundations for driving the future of mobility.

"To achieve its vision of zero accidents, zero emissions and zero traffic congestion, GM is working with a wide range of stakeholders, including private companies and government partners, to roll out electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and pioneering mobility solutions, in support of local aspirations."

In addition to public-private partnerships and a comprehensive vision to elevate mobility, GM will continue to bring innovative products to market to lead this remarkable journey and completely reimagine customer experiences.

International Operations

In recent weeks, GM's international operations reported fourth-quarter 2022 revenue of $43.1 billion, net profit of $2.0 billion, and adjusted earnings before interest and tax of $3.8 billion.

GM's full-year revenue for 2022 was $156.7 billion, net profit attributable to shareholders was $9.9 billion, while adjusted earnings before interest and tax hit a record $14.5 billion.