Did Robert Gentz and David Schneider listen in early February when Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed the "Year of Efficiency" when announcing the quarterly figures for 2023? In any case, the two co-bosses of the online fashion retailer Zalando will have noticed that the Meta share rose by 11 percent last November after the announcement that it would lay off 000,5 employees.

Job cuts at the shipping giant Amazon were also welcomed by the stock exchange, as well as at Alphabet or Salesforce. Accordingly, Zalando will also have hoped for a positive stock market reaction after the announcement to cut several hundred jobs.

The move is also to be evaluated in view of the enormous staff growth during the Corona crisis, when the company benefited greatly from the trend towards online shopping. This tailwind no longer exists, the share has come under pressure due to the weakening economy. The announcement of the job cuts did not change this. The stock market has hardly reacted. Staff reductions are not a panacea.