Anyone who watched television commercials in the nineties could not ignore them: the spots for the fruit juice brand Punica. They were usually knitted according to the same pattern. A child watches a cartoon in which the characters drag themselves through a desert and complain of thirst.

They try to breastfeed him, but only when the child passes a bottle of Punica nectar into the TV are the cartoon characters satisfied. For a while, Punica was even synonymous with all kinds of fruit juice drinks – such as Tempo for tissues or aspirin for headache pills.

Today, Punica's media presence is significantly lower, and now the brand will disappear completely from supermarket shelves. Punica will be completely taken off the market, said the US beverage group Pepsico on Tuesday in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt. Previously, several media had reported on the end for the juices.

No production since September

Pepsico sold the majority of its juice division, including Punica, to financial investor PAI Partners last year. The new joint venture Tropical Brands Group has reviewed the strategic priorities and made the decision to withdraw Punica from the market, Pepsico now announced. According to media reports, production had already been stopped in September 2022. At present, remaining stocks are still being sold.