OAG: 4.18 million scheduled seats recorded in February 2023

Dubai International retains the world's top spot in airports

Dubai Airport records strong growth rates as the number of flights increases. Archival

Data published by OAG International, a provider of airport and airline data, showed that the total number of scheduled seats on international flights through Dubai International Airport reached about 4.18 million scheduled seats during February 2023, thus retaining its first position as the largest international airport in scheduled seat capacity.

Strong growth

According to data received by Emirates Today, Dubai International Airport continued to record strong growth rates, with the number of flights increasing and resuming to more international destinations.

More international airlines continue to resume operations through Dubai Airport, while data from Emirates and flydubai shows a continuous increase in the number of passenger destinations within the two airlines' network, with the resumption of flights to more international destinations on six continents, as well as the addition of new destinations to their global networks since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

First place

The data showed that Dubai International retained its first place with a difference of more than 880,3 seats, compared to London Heathrow Airport, which recorded more than 3.<> million seats.

Dubai Airport continued its strong performance, ranking second in the world in total seat capacity on "international and domestic" flights together, after Hartsfield Atlanta Airport.

The total seat capacity on both international and domestic flights at Dubai International Airport in February was about 4.18 million seats, compared to about 4.28 million seats for Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, followed by Tokyo International Airport, recording 3.7 million seats.

The data indicated that Dubai International Airport is close to the American «Hartsfield Atlanta», which occupies the first place with only about 100,<> seats in February.


Dubai Airports announced its forecast for passenger traffic by the end of last year, bringing the number of passengers to 64.3 million passengers through Dubai International Airport, in light of exceptional performance indicators achieved by the airport during the third quarter of last year, in addition to the expected growth in passenger numbers during the last three months.

Dubai International recorded a double-digit increase in the number of passengers during the third quarter of last year, bringing the total number of passengers to 18 million and 455 thousand and 938 passengers in that period, and thus receiving about 46 million and 340 thousand and 826 passengers from the beginning of January to September 2022, an increase of 167.9% year-on-year.