With a growth of 127%, supported by the results of the fourth quarter being the highest performer and busiest since 2019

66 million passengers through Dubai International in 2022

  • The number of flights during the last quarter of 2022 amounted to about 96.7 thousand flights. From the source


Dubai Airports confirmed that Dubai International Airport witnessed an exceptional performance during 2022, as annual passenger traffic increased to more than 66 million passengers, which contributed to achieving a new record, and exceeding the annual expectations of passenger numbers during the year, in light of the unprecedented numbers witnessed in the last quarter of the same year.

The corporation said in a statement yesterday that the total number of passengers through Dubai Airport during the past year reached 66 million and 69 thousand and 981 passengers, an increase of 127% on an annual basis, explaining that this is due to the significant increase in the number of passengers during the last quarter of the year, which amounted to 19 million and 729 thousand and 155 passengers, an increase of 67% over the number of passengers during the same period of 2021.

Top Performance

The corporation added that the last quarter of 2022 was characterized by being the highest performer and busiest since 2019, taking into account that December was the busiest month for about 7.1 million passengers, the first time that passenger traffic exceeded this rate since 2020.

First destination

Dubai Airports said that India retained its position as the first destination for Dubai International Airport in terms of the number of passengers with a total of 9.8 million passengers, followed by Saudi Arabia in second place with a total of 4.9 million passengers, followed by the United Kingdom in third place with about 4.6 million passengers.

Other top international destinations included Pakistan with 3.7 million passengers, followed by the United States with a total of 1 million, and Russia and Turkey with 9.1 million and 6.100 million passengers respectively, which achieved a 2019% recovery from the indicators of recovery compared to <>.


For the top three destinations of cities in 2022, London topped the list with a total of three million passengers, followed by Riyadh with two million passengers, Mumbai with 1.9 million passengers, and Jeddah and New Delhi with 1.7 million passengers each.

She added that Dubai International Airport provides operations to more than 229 destinations, through 88 international airlines in 99 countries.


The corporation reported that the number of flights during the last quarter of last year amounted to about 96,701 flights, which contributed to the increase in the total number of flights during the year to 343,339 flights, an annual increase of 47%.

The average number of passengers per flight during that period was 204, up 33% year-on-year.

Waiting time

According to Dubai Airports, the average expected waiting time at Dubai International Airport was less than 13 minutes for more than 95.48% of passengers arriving through the arrivals halls, while the waiting time for departing passengers was less than five minutes, according to about 96.24% of the total number of passengers.

The average waiting time at security checks at departure was less than three minutes for 96.38% of the total number of passengers.

A strong start

Commenting on Dubai Airport's exceptional performance with a strong start and a positive outlook for the start of the new year, Paul Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Airports, said: "We had previously expected 2022 to witness significant growth and recovery in the aviation sector, but passenger numbers exceeded those expectations, which motivated us to take on this challenge and turn it into an opportunity to achieve excellence globally.

He added: "We were able to accommodate the steady growth in passenger numbers throughout the year, thanks to strategic planning and continuous cooperation with all our strategic partners, as well as the dedication and dedication of all our teams that have consistently provided world-class services."

Continuous developments

Speaking about the preliminary forecast for 2023, Griffiths stressed that "the aviation sector is characterized by high dynamism and strong influence at the global level, as there are usually continuous developments over the years, which is what we expect during 2023, as preliminary forecasts for passenger traffic through Dubai International Airport indicate that it will receive about 78 million passengers by the end of this year, especially in light of Dubai's hosting of many major international events and events, including the Dubai Airshow and the Climate Conference (COP28), so We embark with confidence and great readiness for a year full of challenges and new opportunities."

"There are three pillars at the top of our list of priorities for 2023, namely passengers, employees and sustainability, forming key axes to support our leading position as the busiest international airport around the world, and to maintain our leadership among the global aviation sector leaders," he explained.

Powerful Performance

Majid Al Jokar, Chief Operating Officer at Dubai Airports, said that the corporation's expectations that the number of passengers during the current year will reach 78 million passengers, came in light of the strong performance in operations and passenger traffic during the last period, noting that the corporation expects the number of passengers to reach pre-pandemic levels in 2019 during the current year on a daily and monthly basis.

In an interview with the media after the release of the Foundation's report, Al-Joker said that "the numbers are positive, and reach levels close to the pre-(pandemic) stage, in light of the continued growth in the number of travelers and the current strong movement."

"Expectations are that pre-pandemic levels can be reached faster than we expected, as the travel sector recovers and the Chinese market, which is one of the fastest markets in the pre-2019 era, reopens," he said.


Al-Joker stressed that the number of passengers witnessed by Dubai International Airport is very encouraging and calls for optimism for the coming years, explaining that Ā«this came in light of the easing of restrictions in many countries, the reopening of borders, and the increase in the desire to travel, as well as the recovery of travel in many areas, in addition to the positive role of reopening the Chinese marketĀ».

He also stressed that travel will continue to grow this year, in light of vital and important events.

"It is too early to predict the performance of the Chinese market after the lifting of travel restrictions," Joker said, pointing out that there are five airlines, including Emirates Airlines, linking Dubai International Airport with the Chinese market.

Digital Transformation

Al Joker pointed out that Dubai Airports was one of the first airports in digital transformation, both in passenger and airport operations, starting with electronic gates, which later turned into smart gates, which contributed to accelerating the movement of passengers, as well as self-check-in systems, passport systems and biometric biometrics.

"The airport also adopts modern technologies in monitoring passenger traffic to avoid congestion, reduce waiting times and plan in advance in dealing with the increase in passenger numbers," he said.

Al Joker added that Dubai Airports continues to adopt modern technology in enhancing airport operations, through continuous tests and studies of modern technologies.

"The percentage of passengers who use Dubai International Airport as a final destination constitutes about 52% of passengers, compared to 48% of (transit) passengers," he said.


One million passengers are expected to pass through the world's busiest Dubai Airport in 2023.

India has retained its position as Dubai's top destination for Dubai Airport, with 9.8 million passengers.

Cargo & Baggage

Dubai Airports reported that cargo services at Dubai International Airport reached about 420,125 tons of air cargo during the last quarter of 2022, recording a decline of 31.7%, compared to the volume of air cargo during the same period in 2021, which recorded about 614,834 tons.

Total air cargo last year reached about 1.72 million tons, down 25.5%, as a result of the return of most cargo flights to Dubai World Central Airport, and the restoration of full capacity of cargo aircraft to transport passengers throughout the year.

DXB's baggage handling system handled 62.2 million bags in 2022, marking the highest performance for the world's busiest international airport at 99.8% (a rate of 2.2 bags per 1000,92 passengers unhandled). As for baggage delivery on arrival, 45% of all baggage was delivered within <> minutes.

Baggage indicators achieved during 2022 represent 86.2% of the total number of baggage handled during 2019.