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friendly economic time for anchors. Today (10th) we will be with reporter Kwon Ae-ri. Today, I think seniors will be a little interested. Of course, I think the children who have seniors will be interested, but it sounds like a story about housing pension, but if you want to join, do you think you should join within this month?


Yes, we redetermine how much the housing pension will be reduced every month.

This usually changes at this time of year in February or March, but after the end of the month, the amount of money paid each month has decreased by an average of 1.8% and 2%.

So, if you're thinking about it, it's best to make a decision within a few days.

If you apply by the 28th, you will start receiving payments around the end of March, but you will receive the same payment as before.

For example, I am 65 years old this year, and my house is worth 500 million won.

If you apply in February, you will continue to receive 1.27 million won every month from now on. Like I applied for last year.

However, if you apply in March, it will be reduced to 1.23 million won. It will be a difference of 40,000 won every month for the rest of your life, so if it accumulates, it will be a very big difference.


40,000 won per month is not a small difference in money. So, who is the housing pension a little more advantageous?

this applies to a lot of the elderly in our country.

There are so many people who don't have good cash flow, who have earned their whole lives, educated their children, and barely afforded a house, but they are not well prepared for retirement and their children are a little bit noticeable.

These people deserve to actively consider.

One more thing, this is your own judgment from here, but even if the real estate market stagnates for a long time or rises again, it is worth considering now if you think that a surge like the one in the last few years will be difficult in the future.

In fact, in 2021, when house prices rose sharply, the housing pension cancellation rate exceeded 5%, and since last year, the number of subscribers has increased significantly.

When house prices skyrocketed, many people had to regain their right to their homes even if they gave up their pensions, but when house prices began to fall, the situation became the opposite.

Housing pensions were originally designed to help alleviate poverty for the elderly, so they are designed to favor subscribers.

It was introduced in our country in 2007, so it is not that long yet.

However, the life expectancy of the elderly continues to increase and the number of eligible people is increasing, so if the price of the house secured by the housing pension does not skyrocket again in the future, this will inevitably become a structure in which the payment will be less and less than the price of my house now.

Just like there is talk of restructuring the national pension. If you have an idea, it is advantageous to eat it quickly.

And if I'm in a position where I'm thinking about joining, it might be helpful to know how much I'm going to get to this house a month right now. Is there a way to know that?


Yes. So, for those who are interested, we are also showing it in the Housing Finance Corporation's "Estimated Pension Inquiry", subtitled. If you hit the search bar, it will come up right like this.

Housing Finance Corporation Estimated Pension Inquiry If you enter here, you can mock all the pension options you can get right into your home without having to go through the sign-up process or anything.

I think you can give it a try and discuss it with your family this weekend.

Housing pensions can be started as soon as one of the spouses turns 55.

It's hard to imagine, but if you die within a few years, the remaining money that you didn't get from the pension plan will be returned to the bereaved family.

On the other hand, if you live longer than you calculated in your pension plan, in that case you just keep giving.

You can cancel it, but then you have to calculate the money you've received so far and return it with interest.

You can't rejoin for three years, so it's best to decide carefully.

Not everyone can get it. The couple's combined house must be less than 900 million won to receive it.

Even multi-homeowners can apply for a housing pension with one of them if the listed price is less than 900 million won.

And only when looking at the eligibility criteria, we look at the published price, and when we set the monthly payment, we set the collateral value up to 1.2 billion won.

So if house prices are likely to fall in the future or the real estate market cliff is likely to be prolonged, it's better to pick it up before it's too late.

A bill to raise the eligibility threshold of disclosure from 900 million won to 1.2 billion won is now in the National Assembly.

If this bill is passed within this year, it is expected that the number of people targeted among Seoul will increase even more.